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2022 NCAA Track & Field: Day 1

TrackTown USA: The funnest part of our morning was spent getting the event tickets from Dave's email in-basket onto our phones and into our iPhone wallets. We purchased eight seats, and each seat has its own ticket and there are no printed tickets, nor anyway to print your emailed tickets. All tickets are digital. I understand the reasoning for this, but, man, is it a difficult and time-consuming process... not to mention we also need to transfer tickets to friends and then rely on their tech-savviness to transfer the tickets onto their phones... and then into their wallets. We spent 45 minutes transferring our eight seats, one at a time - eight-a-day for four days - to their rightful owners.

Also annoying? No cash accepted anywhere. Kids can't buy food/drinks at the concessions unless they have a credit card.

And most annoying? We had to kick people out of our seats every time we left them! Excuse me, you are in my seat. You had to show a ticket at the top of the aisle to gain entry into our section, but for some reason no one felt the need to sit in their actual reserved seats? Two men sat in two of our seats ALL DAY. They would not leave.

Historic Hayward Field will host the World Track & Field Championships next month, and the stadium has already been expanded with temporary bleachers, and the addition of a temporary HUGE video screen. It is amazing.

Dave and I will attend the World Championships as well, and have purchased tickets. TWO tickets.

Again, the NCAA is holding this four-day event all-men the first and third day, and the women's teams compete on day two and four. The meet is broadcast on television (ESPN channels), so check your local listings. It was a great competition this evening! Results are here, but there were six finals: hammer, pole vault, javelin, long jump, shot put and the 10000m. None won by a Duck.

When fighting people out of our seats, we made a few exceptions. Bernard Lagat sat in front us while watching his athletes compete (Lagat coaches at Arizona), and Dave said it would be okay if David Oliver sat next to him for a bit.

10000 meter, first lap

We stayed until the last event, then went to a very late dinner with Vin and Sam, before returning to our motorcoach for a good night's sleep... and we will do this again tomorrow.

Until my next update, I remain, your seat-hogging correspondent.

RV PARK: Premier RV Resort - We have a fancy site with a fire pit, picnic table and grill. Will probably not use anything but the table. Who knows. We have a frequent-flyer punch card for this resort and had one free night, so can't really figure-out how much we are paying per night... about $65? A lot of live-ins in the front of the resort. Pool/hot tub, bath houses, laundry, dog walks and dog wash, car wash area. On I-5, exit 199, just north of Eugene. Close to many RV repair and services.