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DAY 4: Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Just a quick recap from last night as we lost Wi-Fi just after leaving port. We went to the Observation Lounge for a cocktail before dinner. Night Three, and the friendly servers already remembered my poison of choice. After drinks, we went to Deck 7 for dinner in the Manhattan dining room. This space is so lovely – just off the back of ship - a two-story dining room with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall vista. The Manhattan Room has the same menu (every night) as the Savor & Taste dining rooms, but is just a bit fancier – and quite a bit larger. Dave had a Caesar salad for his appetizer, while I had bruschetta. For his entrée, My Husband ordered breaded filet of sole, and I ordered a baked potato. Our server was quite surprised at my meal choice… but the people seated next to us had some-sort of beef dish with a baked potato. No way I wanted that much meat, so asked if I could only get the baked potato. Loaded. No bacon. It was just the most lovely dinner!

Not exactly sure, but maybe a few passengers did not make it back onto the ship after our stop in Cabo? While enjoying our cocktails tonight – after our ship had set sail to Puerto Vallarta, announcements went out over the entire ship asking if Mr. Whatever and Mrs. Whomever would please report to the purser on deck whatever. Oops. These people may be flying to PV in the morning.

Please, never make me be these people.

Super smooth sailing overnight, and so warm, we were able to sleep with the balcony slider open. Listening to waves crashing onto the ship. So relaxing. We arrived into Puerto Vallarta at noon, and The Captain backed this massive ship next to the dock. By one o’clock, we were off the ship and headed to Nuevo Vallarta (another city north of PV, and in a different state. Why were we going to Nuevo Vallarta? We were going to visit the Bum’s on their new sailboat.

Maybe some of My Readers will remember we have met Ali & Pat several times in our travels, they had been to our Portland home, and maybe some of you read their blog? They live a very nomadic life, either in a RV or a sailboat, traveling the world with their two children - Ouest, 13, and Lowe 11. They are in PV at this time getting ready for another around the world cruise (before the kids get too old). I emailed Ali a few weeks ago to see if they would still be here and received an invitation to visit them on their new beautiful catamaran.

SIDE STORY: When we left La Quinta, I packaged a little gift bag of walnut-stuffed dates for the adults, and several boxes of fun Christmas cookies and candies (purchased, not home-made) for the kids. Imagine my surprise when our bags were inspected for food when we entered Cabo San Lucas yesterday our bags were inspected. NO FOOD ALLOWED INTO MEXICO. Oh, no! So we left the ship this morning gift-free. But as the agricultural inspector was rooting through my teeny purse, I told her I had some cookies for some children and she said I could bring cookies into Mexico! Then I asked her about dates and she said she didn’t know what a date was, so sure. I ran back to our cabin, grabbed the gift bag and when I returned to the ag inspection, she just waved me through her line! So sweet. WHEW!

We took a taxi to the marina where Bumfuzzle was moored and had a tour of their catamaran. It is so spacious, with two living areas, a great kitchen, 4 berths, and two heads. We had a great time catching up with their news and were amazed at how the kids had grown! Later, we went to lunch at the yacht club - fish tacos and beers - while the kids ordered chicken fingers… only to be delivered plates of what looked like chicken goulash. They were not impressed. After lunch, our waiter took 14 photos of us with my iPhone.

DT, Ali, Lowe, Ouest, Pat, Terry

Back to the ship, and when I turned-on the Wi-Fi hot spot, we found this photo of our favorite grandson with this league trophy! Dang, that thing is bigger than the college trophy isn’t it? Leo is going to need a larger bedroom to hold his growing trophy collection.

And, he had a haircut!

Like yesterday, I will post today’s adventure before we leave port (while I have wifi) and if anything more exciting that eating a baked potato dinner occurs, I will add it to the next update. Thank you for reading!

Another fabulous day of travel. Until my next update, I remain, your Bumfuzzled correspondent.

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  1. I’m booked of the same itenerary February 24, 2023, through the Panama Canal on NCL Joy. My friend, Pete Louchheim, sent me your blog but I find only four days. Did you post the remainder of the trip? Would enjoy reading the remainder if you did.
    Julia Still

  2. Lovely to see you with the Bums! I first found your site when Pat mentioned it in his blog quite a few years ago now, and I continue to follow you both ever since.

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