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DAY 3: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas: The seas calmed, the air warmed, and it was very smooth sailing overnight. Maybe it was a belly-full of lasagna (and Pinot Grigio), or maybe because there was no creaking and ship-bobbing, but I slept so well over-night. We woke to this gorgeous view, and the occasional whale blowing and breaching. It was 80 degrees.

We have been to Cabo San Lucas several times now, so did not sign-up for the snorkel tour, nor the whale-watching tour, nor the “ride a camel on the beach” tour. Our mission was fetch retinol crème (for someone else) at a Mexican pharmacy. A person needs goals! No doubt there will be a fish taco or two on the agenda.

Since we would not be anchoring in Cabo San Lucas until 11a, there was plenty of time to exercise and watch the France v Poland World Cup match. The game was on the massive movie screen above the pool area. Due to the high humidity, my hair is a cross between Medusa and Little Orphan Annie.

Our package includes “priority” boarding for tenders, but we still waited until 1p to head into town. We were escorted to one of the larger ferry-type boats to carry us to shore. (There is no cruise ship dock in Cabo San Lucas, and this cruise lines hires local boats to carry passengers to shore instead of using the ship’s lifeboats.) Here is a shot of our ship as we headed to shore (10 minute ride), and the famous rock formation at lands end:


First things first: we stopped to a pharmacy to fetch the crème, then stopped dock-side for fish tacos. Most of the restaurants and bars along the fishing boat dock were showing the World Cup and NFL football games.

Cabo San Lucas
Fish Tacos

We split the fish tacos, made with sea bass today. I ate my fish with a fork - just so much food. We also decided to split the guacamole because it was made table-side. Imagine our shock when the chef brought out two whole avocados. After adding the ingredients to the huge molcajete, there was enough guacamole for a family of six.

He used no diced tomatoes! No cilantro! No cumin! The avocados were buttery ripe, so it was still good. With several beers consumed, our tab was $35. Good deal, nice place, no idea of it’s name because all the joints along the port look the same.

On the way back to catch our tender, trying to pass through the myriad of hawkers and vendors, we saw a young boy (8 years old?) fishing with just a line, hook, and bait. He was catching Dorado (each about a foot long) like it was his job. Kid was good! A crowd had gathered to watch his interesting tactics, photograph his haul, and a guy with an iguana on his shoulder was hanging-around as well. His reptile was wearing a miniature sombrero. Tourists pose with the iguana for a small fee. Everybody has a gig.

A few more shots of the port area, and our ship from the return tender.

No doubt there will be more dining this evening, but I will post my Cabo update before dinner, while the Wi-Fi is actually working. We have an exciting adventure planned for tomorrow!

Not sure what is happening with this blog today, as I am unable to preview it before publishing. Forgive odd spacing, or any other errors. Until my next update, I remain, your Baja correspondent.

Cabo San Lucas
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