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DAY 5: At Sea

At Sea: Such a ridiculously easy day. The weather was simply perfect. Sunny, with calm seas all day. Dave went up to Deck 17 and fought off the musical deck chair fiasco. I exercised on Deck 8. This deck has a U-shaped course, that misses the bow of the ship. Out and back. Out and back. For as long as my podcast lasted. Just Rick Steves and me today. It is a great course, but gets a bit woozy along the aft of the ship when it seems you are drunk-walking for a few minutes as the back of the ship bobs along. We are now two hours ahead of the Pacific time zone and the sets after 7p.

We missed breakfast entirely (except for coffee delivered to our room by the same room steward who has brought us coffee every morning since we boarded). I am hiding under the duvet and he teases me about having good dreams. I tell him I am dreaming of coffee. We are good friends and have never seen each other.

Both World Cup matches were watched today. The Morocco v Spain game was played on the huge screen above the pool area on the ship where Dave was working out. I could only catch the score at one bar on Deck 8, as I passed by on my route.

After working out, we had lunch in one of the dining rooms. (There are three massive dining rooms on the ship. All meals are included in your cruise package, and the menus change daily… though you can always get a few things (steak, a Caesar salad, burger, etc). We sat next to a couple from Sacramento, so had a lot to chat about with them.

The Portugal v Switzerland game was watched in our room while I stitched. Crazy exciting game and so much fun.

As I wrote above, the seas are so calm, and we never saw land all day. Practically every time we go out to our balcony we witnessed huge pods of dolphin. Sometimes hundreds at a time. Interestingly enough, the dolphin seem to relish swimming in the wake of the ship, jumping at least ten feet up into the air. Like they are surfing? I don’t know how to describe this amazement. They seem like children splashing in the waves.

Dinner tonight was in the Manhattan dining room. Nothing special. Most meals have been very good, but tonight was not so good. The ship was magically transformed to Christmas decor overnight. Lots of silver fake trees and silk poinsettias abound. Feliz Navidad.

Sorry no photos tonight, but I have no Wi-Fi, so will post via the ship super expensive internet. Think of me.

Until my next update, from Acapulco, I remain, your sailing correspondent.

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