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Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckinridge, Colorado: Sadly, we had to leave My Bro and his family today. After eight days, we had established ourselves into a nice routine, met many of their friends, dined in their favorite spots, and caught-up with our nephew and niece. A great visit. Dave and I just love Longmont - so much going on! I saw only ONE Trump sign in eight days.

We began our Sunday walking around McIntosh Lake with Steve, Kris, Michael (just back from his convention), Delaney - plus Mochi and #. It is a 3.5 mile flat trail around the lake, mostly packed gravel, though quite a bit is paved. Glorious views to the Rockies and Longs Peak. Did I take photos? Nope.

For our final night in town, Kris and Steve invited their posse for a backyard grill fest. Steve put bison sausages in his rotisserie grill basket (want), Kris made a zucchini and corn salad, and a broccoli salad. Their friend, Deirdre, made a peach crisp. The peach crisp was served with Tillamook vanilla ice cream. Wowza - what a send-off dinner.

Peach Crisp

We were on the road by 10-ish this morning, and decided to take the back roads which would route us through even more adorable Colorado towns. We followed local highways to reach I-70. This interstate is a marvel of engineering. Much of it could be repaved, please, but the lanes are wide. A long uphill is mediated with a long downhill. Our engine temperature, and our tire temperatures, went up and down accordingly. The traffic heading east to Denver was epic, and completely stop-and-go.


Just after noon, we pulled-over to historical Georgetown for a long lunch break. The drive was stressful for My Driver, and it was good to take a lunch rest. Dave walked a few blocks into town and found a fancy hotel, built by a mysterious Frenchman. Love me some mysterious Frenchman.

Hotel de Paris (not in Paris)

After our break, we only had a short drive to our campsite in Breckenridge… however the route included a cruise through the famed Eisenhower Tunnel. I can’t believe we did this high-altitude drive years ago in a POS motorhome. (Ahhh, we were so much younger!)

Eisenhower Tunnel
Eisenhower Tunnel

Our campsite for the next three days is Tiger’s Run - just outside of Breckenridge. We have known of this campground for years as it is/was very popular with owners at Motor Coach Country Club in Indio, where we owned for a dozen years. We think it was previously Class-A only? Set me straight past/current owners (David P?).

Tiger’s Run #333

We are paying $120 per night for an undeveloped site (we have a full-service 50-amp site, with a picnic table, wood fire pit, and a porch swing).

After settling-in and starting eight days of laundry, we took a quick drive-by into adorable Breckenridge, made a tee time for tomorrow, and will relax after that not-fun drive.

Dinner tonight was Santa Fe Chowder placed in the slow cooker this morning, (though a half recipe). A perfect end to a long day.

Santa Fe Chowder

Until my next update from Breckenridge, I remain, your 9151 feet correspondent.

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  1. Just curious, how many Biden signs did you see?
    How fun to be traveling with beautiful views and comfortable temps!
    I could handle that🤗

  2. Tell us at some point how you guys began RVing–I’m curious. Lovely visit with family! I wish to never see another Trump sign!

    1. Empty nest. Retired. We had traveled/lived all over the world. Wanted to see America. Sold the weekender travel trailer, bought a motorhome and hit the road.

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