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Lunch & Golf in Breckenridge

Breckenridge, Colorado: The weather continues to be basically perfect, and we seemed to miss weeks of rainy weather in Breckenridge. Dave was up early to ride his bike. Since we were golfing this afternoon, I stayed in, peeling and prepping six massive Colorado peaches for a future pie. After blanching and peeling, the peaches were sliced and tossed in a bit of lemon juice, cornstarch, sugar, a dash of cinnamon, a splash of vanilla and a dash of Kosher salt. Tossed well, the peaches went into a container for the freezer. When we get home (when will this happen?) the peach concoction will be vacuum-sealed for an easy pie the next time we see the kids.

Future pie

There was no plan for the day, except our tee time. We drove into Breckenridge and headed up the mountain to see the ski resorts. We are no longer skiers, but it seems you can catch a gondola downtown and get yourself up to the mountain, and at the end of the day can ski (on pedestrian/ski bridges to town? How cool is that?

On our route, we found a good overlook of the town:

Breckenridge from above

We parked downtown and walked the streets for a while. Shops here are quite a bit nicer than other tourist towns we have visited, but the streets are totally packed with tourists during the ski season. Summer is the “off” season in Breckenridge. The town has quite a history - as are so many of the towns in the West. Breckenridge was founded during a gold rush, including a 16 pound nugget called Tom’s Baby. This town was seriously surveyed. The streets were plotted with business districts and housing districts and the railroad/industrial districts away from town. Fancy!

The Blue River runs behind Main Street.
Notice the ski runs on the mountains in the distance.

We had a snack a local brew pub, walked up and down Main Street, located the restaurant we have reservations for tomorrow. We are still looking for a souvenir for Lucy (we found a very cool SURF WYOMING tee for Leo in Cody), but came up cold again today. Most things for children in Breckenridge consist of snow/ski gear.

Breckenridge Tap House

We played golf at Breckenridge Golf Club. We were paired with Chris and Dan and had a fun round. Happily, our new friends had played here previously, so knew the route and course. Though rumor has it your drive goes farther at 9500 feet elevation, mine did not. No matter, any day on the golf course is better than any day in the office, right?

9th hole on the Bear Course at Breckenridge Golf Club.

Another big day. Sandwiches for dinner. I’m only human.

Until my next update, I remain, your high-altitude correspondent.

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  1. Breckenridge holds a special.place in my heart and forehead. I was knocked in the head by a t bar on ski trip from CSU. Scar has faded but my love of B remains. Jealous for those western slope peaches!

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