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Farmers Market + Duck Football

Longmont, Colorado: We could not stay up late enough to watch the lightning-delayed Colorado v TCU football game. Just as well. When we went to bed at halftime, the score was 6-7 TCU. When I looked at the final score this morning is was TCU 38, Colorado 13. I guess frogs thrive at altitude?

The weekly Farmers Market is conveniently held at the fairgrounds where we are camped. Dave and I walked over; Kris and Steve biked over.

Longmont Farmers Market

A great market and easily three times the size of our (seasonal) market in La Quinta. So much beautiful organic produce! Plus, Colorado beef, lamb, and bison, tempeh, bakeries, coffee vendors, empanadas, breakfast burritos, flowers, and food carts. There was even a guy roasting several varieties of chilies!

Chili roasting
One of these basil plants came home with us
Sadly, these did not.
Mounds and pounds of beans
Adorable purple okra and baby eggplant

This is peach season in Colorado. The famed peaches are grown on the western slope of the Rockies and are known for their size and quality. I’ve been having one for breakfast most mornings (with a bit of plain Greek yoghurt and a sprinkle of granola) and I can’t get over the texture, sweetness, color, and perfection.

Georgia who?
So good!

After the market, we went back to our RV and put our loot away: basil plant, broccoli, Wagu bresaola, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, romaine, poblano, and a frozen packet of bison bolognese. What a haul. (Kris and Delaney had already purchased a case of peaches and they gave us eight! Happy too, as the lines for peaches were soooo long at the market.)

Lunch was pizza at Rosalee’s in downtown Longmont. Super delicious, super thin-crust east-coast fold-and-eat slices for $3.50 at lunch. Delaney joined us. (Did I mention Michael had to go out of town Wednesday-Saturday for a convention?)

Rosalee’s cheese pizza

Oh dang was this pizza perfect! We had a great table outside on their huge patio, then headed back to My Brother’s house to watch the Ducks be humiliated by Georgia 48-3. Talk about ouch!

Apparently, I am popular in Longmont.

After a pizza lunch and game-time snacks, no one wanted dinner… or maybe we all felt sick about the game? We called it an early night. Kris and Steve have a full day planned for us tomorrow!

Until my next update, I remain, your peachy correspondent.