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Back in Oregon: 7 June 2021

Canyonville, Oregon: Except for a quick weekend (flight) trip to Oregon in January 2020 for our nephew's wedding, we have not spent any time in Oregon since October 2019. Other than a family event - only a track meet (or two) would bring us up to Oregon during a global pandemic. The State of Oregon will allow vaccinated fans to most of the new Hayward Field arena, and a very few seats will be available for the non-vaccinated.

After exercising this morning, we pointed north on I-5. Only 250 miles or so, but it takes so long. Several mountain passes to cross, and we travel at only 55 mph-ish. We only stopped a few times on our trek today - pausing for lunch at the rest stop just north of Weed. While eating our sandwiches, I had an odd feeling we were at the beach. I looked out the window to find twenty-or-so squawking seagulls! The professional beggars have taken-over the rest-area parking lot - begging for scraps from passing travelers.

When we arrived to Canyonville, Oregon (exit 99 on I-5), Dave wanted to fuel-up before we checked-in to the RV park. The tribe at Seven Feathers Casino... Hotel... Spa... RV Park... etc. etc. etc., also have a truck stop (possibly the nicest truck stop in America?). Diesel was only $3.28 with our (free) players club card.

By the time we pulled-into our campsite in Canyonville, it was raining! We had to change into warmer clothing. How can only 250 miles change the weather SO MUCH?

Guess what? When we pulled into our campsite, the entry steps did not deploy. So shocking, right? I sent a text to our tech, Brian, asking him to add this task to his growing list of repairs while we are in Eugene... telling him I could not exit the bus as I had left my parachute in La Quinta. Two hours after settling-in, we heard the purr of the steps extending. Our moody steps, again, on their own time schedule.

I made dinner before we left Corning this morning. When Marcia and Red left, after a two-month stay for the winter in La Quinta, they brought a few un-used items from their pantry for us. One item was a jar of Trader Joe's Hatch Chile Salsa Verde. This morning, I poured that jar of salsa over a package of boneless-skinless chicken thighs into the slow cooker. This stew simmered all day (stowed in the kitchen sink) as we traveled north on I-5. Torturous aromas all day! When we arrived for the evening, all I had to do was shred the chicken with two forks and fire-up the rice cooker. Best two-ingredient recipe ever. Thank you, Maria and Red, for dinner this evening.

Just a bit of cilantro - and a splash of lime juice - for garnish... and a "salad":

Dinner is served!

We will stay here two nights, before continuing to Eugene. The first night of the NCAAs begins Wednesday at 5p. It is on television.

RV PARK: 7 Feathers. We paid $63.99 per night - with our player's club card AND Good Sam discount. Is it just me, or have RV park prices gone up drastically lately? This resort now offer cabins and yurts for rent.

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  1. We love 7Feathers Campground! We always ask for a certain spot and usually have our own private camp! The food at the truck stop is really great!

  2. Welcome back to Oregon and especially to Track Town. I’m enjoying your once-again-daily posts very much.

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