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Flowers + Pasta

Canyonville, Oregon: Our rest-day was super restful. We slept-in, and took a good long walk together this morning. The weather was quite dodgy. Raining on and off all day. (We used the radiant floor heaters overnight.) Though still early June, the rhododendrons have nearly finished. I was able to snap a few soggy flower photos on our walk this morning:

Our only other adventure today was to unhitch the Jeep and drive into town to purchase liquid dish soap at the local Ray's grocer. Exciting times. It seems Canyonville has not suffered as many towns during COVID. Very few shops seemed to be boarded-up. Though the grocer had a sign stating "MASKS ARE REQUIRED" to enter, very few shoppers were wearing masks. (This is so shocking to me!) We wore masks.

Honestly, over one hour of our day was taken with downloading an app... and then the tickets for the NCAA track meet, which begins tomorrow in Eugene. I am pretty computer-savvy. I can download apps, create an account, create a password, etc. But the ticketing situation requires purchasers to download the tickets to their PHONE (with many steps!), add then to their iPhone wallet (more steps!). But the tickets are delivered to your EMAIL. Wouldn't it have been more efficient to have the tickets delivered to a text message to your phone instead of email (not always on your phone)? No one asks me. Anyway, we have tickets to the NCAA Championships! Good seats! The Best Track Meet in America.

Next, we get to download ANOTHER app to prove we are vaccinated. I am most-happy for this regulation, but seriously wonder how every fan will be able to accomplish all of these very complicated steps.

Our dinner tonight was another vegetarian meal, though pasta, so no one would notice. This is one of the easiest and best-tasting meals anyone can make. Boil pasta. One minute before the pasta has finished cooking, toss-in one-inch pieces of fresh asparagus to the boiling pasta. Drain the pasta and asparagus. Toss the pasta and asparagus with a bit of butter or olive oil, the zest and juice of one lemon. Garnish/toss with pecorino or parmesan cheese. Garnish with anything.

As usual, I only cooked one cup of penne. We finished everything tonight - including a little tossed salad.

Tomorrow, we will continue to Eugene and head-over to the new Hayward Field to watch the NCAA Track and Field Championships. Four Days. Stay tuned.

Until my next update, I remain, your rested correspondent.

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  1. Love the Seven Feathers RV Park also! Glad you’re on the road again. Enjoy reading your posts about recipes and have tried several of them over the years. Have one comment about your constant comments about mask wearing. If you have a problem with people not wearing masks, then it is up to you to stay out of the places where they are not required to wear them. You either trust the vaccination, or you don’t! I myself, trust the vaccination and use good common hygiene practices, just like during flu season. I wear a mask when required. Dear Terry, please stop lecturing all of us to wear masks, stay home, etc. We are adults.

    1. Dear Sandi, I ‘m with Terry 200% and besides, its her website and facebook page and she can have any opinion she so chooses. If you don’t agree with her choices, move on and have a fabulous day.

  2. Right there with your thoughts on wearing a mask when it is required. Some always have the attitude that rules don’t apply to them. JMHO.

  3. Big sign outside of Costco tire center yesterday
    Inside the kids ahead of me had masks but left them hanging below their noses and pulled them down when talking to the tire clerk ( clerk was behind plexiglass and wearing a mask and gloves)
    The kids really creeped me out , how hard can it be to wear a mask and protect yourself and the people around you?
    Keep spreading the message Terry!
    BTW our shade guy at MCC has COVID-19

  4. Thanks for posting so often & all your great recipes Terry! Seems prices on everything have gone up over the last few months & will continue to climb. As far as masks… doesn’t really seem to matter much whether masks are worn or not or whether schools/businesses are open or closed, the outcome is the same except for the economical impact.

  5. Since the city of Canyonville is located in Oregon, businesses are required to follow the masking guidance of the Oregon Health Authority. Businesses can allow fully vaccinated people “to be mask free” if they have a policy in place to check vaccination status of all individuals before they enter their establishment. The majority of businesses here have elected to post a “Masks Are Required” sign, so that they will not need to have an employee checking the vaccination status of every individual entering the business. Once 70% of the 18+ population in Oregon has received one vaccine, this policy will no longer exist. As of this evening, 67.2% of all Oregonians 18+ have received their first shot . . . so close!
    I decided to pass on this information since many of RV Goddess readers would not be familiar with mandates here in Oregon. So people not wanting to wear a mask into a business (vaccinated or not) need to patronize an establishment that is checking vaccination status at their door. Terry was shopping at a store with a Masks Required sign . . .

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