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Golf at Rolling Hills

Corning, California: When Dave opened the door to the motorhome this morning, the entry steps extended! Yeah! Well, yeah for today anyway - plus, I didn't have to make a non-graceful exit from the bus this morning to play golf. The entry door on this bus is so moody.

We have played this course four or five times previously and really do enjoy our rounds. We asked to not be paired with another couple (COVID + no one needs to see me hit over 120 shots), and they happily obliged. The course is a "links" style and carved into - guess what - rolling hills. The natural grasses are protected and if your ball gets into any natural (not irrigated) area, you are requested to grab your ball if you can, then move it to the green grass. You are rewarded with a free drop for your bad shot/ecological efforts. Win-win.

Looking east: the foothills of the Sierra are in the back ground, with Mt. Lassen (technically in the Cascade Range) barely visible (just above the sand trap in the center of the photo). Dave and I climbed to the top of Mt. Lassen (10,463 feet) circa 2000. Honestly, climb is a very strong word. Hike is a much better description... especially as we were passed on the trail by teenagers wearing flip flops. Flip Flops! Whatever - we have been to the top of Mt. Lassen! Have you? (Comment below!)

The temperature today climbed to only the high 90s. This would be a cool day in La Quinta.

One of the reasons we like this course is the abundance of wildlife - especially birds. Today, I noticed a critter coming down a cart path. At first glance, I thought it was a small coyote, but as it came closer, (remember, I am sight-impaired) realized it was a gigantic jackrabbit. I mean the Shaquille O'Neal of jackrabbits - cruising down the cart path like it was late for a meeting. (This rabbit was easily the size of a beagle.) We also watched an osprey swoop-down into a pond, but the bird came up with empty talons. A few nature photos:

The view west

There will be no mention of our actual golfing scores today. We both had so-so rounds, but we were together and we had fun. After our round, we made another executive decision to stay here again overnight. My Driver just couldn't face another long day on the road.

Dinner tonight was planned for a salad (with a dressing made with the left-over Basil-Garlic olive oil infusion), tomatoes, the last avocado from Lisa's tree, and a bit of red leaf lettuce. That happened. The main course was to be butternut squash (frozen cubes) risotto. As I was stirring, stirring, stirring, stirring, the rice (while sipping, sipping, sipping on my martini), DT said he was so excited to have risi e bisi (risotto with peas). I told David, I was making butternut squash risotto. Such a sad face he made. Happily, I had peas in our freezer. Menu switched. Crisis averted. Same dish. Different vegetable. Happy Hubby.

After eating meat for several nights, it was good to have a vegetarian meal.

Until my next update, I remain, your 52-over-par correspondent.

RV Park: Rolling Hills RV Park. We had the Stay-and-Play package. Two nights and two rounds of golf with a cart for $177.