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25 May: Monday

Arlington, Virginia: Today was an odd Memorial Day. Many Americans went to the beach, but not so many went to the national cemeteries. Honestly, I did not (and would not) visit either this year. Early this morning, I saw (via the interweb) a fly-over by the Navy in Pensacola. There must have been one zillion mask-free people on the beach. I was shocked. Shocked. The evening news showed even more examples of Americans partying like it was 2019.

We did not leave the resort all day (like most days). However, Captain Jim and Mary did leave the resort. They actually LEFT! One day early, on their way to the Pacific Northwest. We did not say good bye, because they left before we were even out of bed. I can happily report they made it ALL THE WAY to Corning - 700 miles in one day - tonight, and the price at Rolling Hills RV Park is now $40. Mary and Jim were only interested in a place to sleep with 50 amp service, so they could run all their air conditioners. It is HOT in central California. Hot in Indio, as well. 105.

NOTE: We usually travel about 250 miles on a good day. If we would have left Indio today, we would be sleeping in Bakersfield tonight.

Since it was a national holiday, I thought we should have a backyard BBQ - COVID or not - though we have no backyard. Nor anyone to picnic with.

The Lovely Lisa made an interesting dip yesterday by adding miso, tahini, sesame oil and red wine vinegar to an avocado, so I copied her tonight. Instead of vinegar, I used fresh lime juice, and served the dip with radish slices, chunks of celery, and crackers for the purists.

Black sesame seeds, as garnish

I used about 2 teaspoons of yellow miso paste, 2 teaspoons tahini, 1 teaspoon sesame oil, and about 2 teaspoons fresh lime juice - and one really perfect avocado. Lisa says this dip is great with rice crackers, but I did not have rice crackers. A nice change from guacamole.

I made a macaroni salad for our Memorial Day Backyard BBQ. Not sure that I have EVER made a macaroni salad, but pretended I was making a potato salad and went from there. I used elbows (of course), and added sweet pickles, roasted red peppers, sweet onion, parsley, celery, black olives and maybe a few other things I can’t recall. Oh, hard boiled eggs! Embellished mayo dressing. More parsley for garnish.

Dave liked the salad, but it did not taste like the macaroni salad our mom’s made.

Grilled burgers, requested by My Driver, were the main attraction tonight. This required baking burger buns.

Sesame Seed Buns

I just went rogue, using buttermilk, to bake six rolls. I put sesame seeds on two of them for this evening. It was just like McDonald’s.


Don’t forget the SECRET SAUCE: equal parts mayo and ketchup, with a spoonful of dill relish. Gourmet all the way.

Until my next update, I remain, your thankful correspondent.

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  1. I was shocked like you at how many people think the virus won’t touch them. Or they just don’t care. Unbelievable and sad. We were home alone and had a bbq that was just fine for us. Not fun, but we’re dealing with it day by day. Your dinner looks good 🍔🍸

  2. That burger looks delicious and I am not a big fan of burgers. I make a secret sauce with mayonnaise and Picante sauce (to your taste) that we enjoy with fish but you could use it on a burger, too.

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