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6 July: Monday

Indio, California: Not another Magic Monday. It is so freaking hot (111°), my brain is fried - and I love the desert heat! There were a few business transactions to complete this morning, so we were both busy - and these days everything is done online or on a smart phone. Thank goodness this Old Bubbe can negiotate the cyberworld.

My job this afternoon was to set-up wifi at the new house. Since I had a new (in the box, extra-stand-by modem/router) available (because the one in our casita sometimes fails due to excessive heat), I was able to bring my own equipment to the new house. The cable company was called, the service was initiated, and by the time I took the router to the house, and plugged it in, only a few minutes on the phone with the cable company were required to get our service up and running.

Easier than having a sofa bed delivered!

When I sent a text to Lisa and Lenny that we now had wifi at the house, I received a warning message from Lisa, worried we were spending time with outsiders/wifi installers/cable guys, and so risking contracting the COVID virus. I bet she was surprised to learn her old ma had set up the wifi herownself, with only the help of tech at the end of a cellular phone line. Contactless wifi set up! The cable boxes are being delivered via FedEx next week and I will try my best to set-up this service as well. Nevermind we own zero televisions.

Now... if only I can set up the two NEST thermometers already installed at the house. I think I can do this! We will see.

I didn't get back to the RV and My Driver until well past cocktail hour. The menu plan read Oyster Mushrooms over Polenta. Easy enough (except for the 40+ minutes of stirring for the polenta). However, when I opened the bag of Oyster Mushrooms from the CSA box, I discovered only one mushroom, weighing less than 2 ounces (including the paper bag!). Yes, it was a very large mushroom, but definately not enough to feed two hungry people. There were also two Mexican Squash in the CSA box... which, honestly, were basically zucchini... so they were added to the mixture, sauteed together with garlic, and a little red pepper for color.

The polenta was not very pretty, as the (house-made) veggie stock (from the freezer!) was so very dark. No matter, the flavor was delicious and intense. A bit of Parmesan cheese was stirred-into the polenta just before serving, to give it a nice creamy texture.

Not a bad combo, considering the circumstances. Don't waste food.

No big plans for tomorrow. Tuesday means bicycling and... wait for it... ironing day!

Until my next update, I remain, your wired correspondent.

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