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5 July: Sunday

Indio, California: Some days are better than others. This wasn't exactly a perfect day. As previously mentioned, we had an estate sale in September and sold much of our posessions, keeping only our living room, dining room, and master bedroom furniture, and a few other larger pieces we have carted around the world since 1980. We kept our personal belongings, and our kitchen items. Then we pretended we had died, and hired a company to sell everything else in a three-day estate sale. This option is a great way to clean-out a house. No trips to Goodwill. Seriously, we left our house on Thursday (after the moving company had taken our goods into storage) and returned on Sunday evening as the estate sale agent was vacuuming herself out the door, while handing us a nice fat check.

Which leaves us sofa-free. We can't/won't go to a furniture store (COVID!), so anything we purchase must be done online. Happily, most companies have a generous period of returns if the sofa does not fit (either you or the room). Free shipping out and back, etc. Still, quite stressful.

Lisa decided we needed a sofa bed in the media room between the two guest rooms. (Maybe she is thinking of opening an AirBnB - or inviting their friends to weekend with her parents - once this virus situation goes away?) We were agreeable to the idea, though, thinking "the more the merrier" would be a good thing in this house.

The pantry in our new house is H U G E

Which found me at the house this morning for the 10:15-12:15 delivery window for our new sofa bed (on a Sunday! On a holiday weekend!). Our first piece of furniture already being delivered. I had a few more things to measure and other tasks to keep me busy at the new house... but wouldn't you know it - the delivery truck rolled-up at 12:15. Exactly.

The media room is accessible from an interior courtyard, and has French doors, so the delivery crew only had to step into the house a few feet. Masks, gloves, etc. I didn't have to even go in the same room as the delivery crew, so it was very safe. Two men brought the sofa into the house, cut-off all the wrapping and then proceeded to remove the cushions and turn the sofa into a bed.

However, the bed could not come out! It was hung-up on one side. The crew flipped the sofa over, inspected the mechanism underneath and realized it was defective. Such bad luck. They took the sofa away, and I guess will order another to be shipped to us. Soon, I hope.

That was a pretty wasted morning.

Eggplant, ready to be roasted

Tonight's dinner centered around a large eggplant from our CSA box. I roasted it in the oven, as suggested by the Barefoot Contessa. After it had cooled, the eggplant was layered with burrata and leftover lamb ragu (from the freezer). Super delicious, served with a little orzo (for my athlete).

This casserole was super rich, cheesy and crispy on top. I will never be able to recreate this dish, as it was a combo of so many random ingredients, but we really enjoy it tonight. There was a tossed salad - also with ingredients from the CSA box.

No deliveries expected tomorrow. 

Until my next update, I remain, your empty-housed correspondent.

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  1. Disappointing yet thankful you found the sofa bed issue while the delivery guys were there! Are we the only ones who wonder if you are selling your MCC space? Can’t imagine you needing/using it once you are settled into your home. Happy decorating!…oh yes, the view still is beautiful!

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