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7 July: Tuesday

Indio, California: Another busy day, preparing our new house for move-in day (maybe next week?). Several exciting events, including new garbage and recycling bins being delivered. The ones we inherited had seen better (and smellier) days. One quick call to the garbage service and they delivered new cans... and took-away the old ones. WIN-WIN.

I did a little internet research last night and figured-out how to reset the NEST internet thermostats. Don't fret about these things. Just. Dive. In.

No kidding, it took about five minutes to set-up the thermostat in the "Living Room" and about three minutes (I was a pro by now) to set-up the "Media Room" thermostat. Now I can control the heating cooling in our new house from anywhere in the world. (In a usual time, this would be an advantage; these days it is a non-issue. Insert sad face here.) I tested the system while at the house, and then again when we returned to the RV. It worked!

Geeky Granny Alert!

Next on the geek-o-meter? Video doorbell.

Pray for me.

Since we have been doing nothing for over three months, all this activity (still social-distancing, mask-wearing, not going to a store) has upset our new-normal routine. I didn't return to the RV until after 5p yesterday and we were busy again today. No plan for dinner. This is not my usual mode and this unorganized situation is not a good system for me.

I did have a few minutes to make a simple
appetizer plate for our cocktail hour.

There were still a few chicken cutlets in the freezer. (Chicken cutlets are the savior of the last-minute dinner crisis.) Since they were vacuum-sealed, just a quick soak in a water bath (in the kitchen sink) thaws the chicken. I threw-together one of DT's favorite meals: Chicken Piccata. The chicken cutlets were dipped in an egg wash, then dusted in flour, and sauteed until browned, and just cooked through. The chicken was removed to a plate, covered with foil, and rested while the sauce was made.

In the same pan, in the same oil, I sauteed a few tablespoons of minced shallots, with several minced garlic cloves. Just as they began to brown, two nice fat anchovy fillets were added and stirred until they "melted" into the olive oil and shallot mixture. Capers were then added, and then a splash of pinot grigio. The sauce was then brought to a nice simmer to finish cooking and reduced a bit. Just before plating the chicken, a bit of lemon juice is added to the sauce. To serve, the sauce is poured over the chicken. Parsley garnish.

Meanwhile... in another saute pan, I had slices of red and yellow bell peppers cooking away (also in olive oil) and when they were finished, a cubed tomato was added, and slivered basil leaves were used as garnish.

Plated, the dish was quite pretty and we both enjoyed our dinner. This dish is usually served over a bed of spaghetti noodles, instead of sauteed vegetables, but I was too lazy (that's pretty dang lazy) to boil water (and we had pasta two nights ago). A cook must be careful with salt in this dish. Anchovies are wicked salty, as are capers. Don't add salt to the flour coating (as one would usually do) or salt may over-come the flavors. You can always ADD salt at the table, but it nearly impossible to remove salt.

Until my next update, I remain, your salty correspondent.