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4 July: Saturday

Indio, California: Obviously 4th of July, and obviously the oddest holiday we have ever spent... except for the one spent while living in Manila in 1982, at the American Embassy... with "Uncle Sam" on stilts. I don't remember much (it's been a while...) but we were invited to a picnic by the US Ambassador (and hundreds of his closest friends) to celebrate Independence Day. So exciting! (We were 27 years old.) The American Embassy was (still is) on a most gorgeous piece of property directly on Manila Bay. The grounds are magnificent, and on this day we had food, drinks, entertainment (music), speeches and anything else one could imagine at an Independence Day picnic at a US embassy abroad. Ice Cream!

Our darling daughter was also going to the picnic, and we I had (of course) chosen an adorable (red/white/blue) frock for Lisa to wear to the party. Lisa was not quite one year old (she would turn one on August 22), but was trying to toddle about. Wouldn't you know that just a few hours before we were to appear at the 4th of July party, our perfect girl took a header into the nightstand next to our bed and ended up with an egg the size of Gibraltor right in the middle of her forehead! 

Boom! It's a wonder she survived her first year with parents like us.

Several ice packs later, we did finally make it to the party and our girl was a hit with everyone (lumpy forehead and all) anyway. She had zero hair (for another year even - and oh my goodness, hasn't she made up for her first two bald years since?) to hide the forehead damage. Uncle Sam (there were several at the party) was quite smitten with her. We really had a fun time at this party, and met so many people - some would eventually become friends during our three-year stint in Manila.

Lisa, sizing-up her Uncle

No idea why our child was topless. Maybe because it was probably 102 degrees and probably 102% humidity, and she wasn't even 11 months old? Maybe she spilled ice cream on her gorgeous dress? Can't recall. Makes no difference.

Our 2020 4th of July was not spent with Our Darling Girl. Nor her family. Actually this day was not unlike any other day. I did plan a special holiday menu, but besides going to our new house to measure kitchen drawers and cabinets, we had little activity (outside of exercise).

Before breakfast, I had made a marinade for the chicken thighs DT was to grill, made a teeny portion of potato salad (French-style - just oil, garlic, dijon, vinegar, and herbs), cut the kernels from two ears of corn and minced a bit of roasted red pepper to add to the corn as it was sauteed... in butter. We also had a really big watermelon from our CSA box that we need to consume within the next few days!

Potato Salad
Corn - sauteed in butter with roasted red peppers and basil.
(I have no corn-on-cob holder-thingys in the RV!) (What?)
DT grilled chicken thighs marinated in lemon juice (from our neighborhood),
rosemary (from our garden), garlic, and white wine (from my stash).
Parsley garnish.

After dinner, we were treated to an amazing neighborhood fireworks extravanganza. Since we have never been here on the 4th of July, we have no idea if this is normal or simply part of the Pandemic Fireworks Phenonoma.

Dave and I hope you had an enjoyable socially-distanced holiday! 

Until my next update, I remain, your 244-year-old correspondent.

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  1. I am so glad and grateful that you are writing to us still, even thru covid. Sooo many other blogger people have disappeared and forgotten about their readers. We (well I do anyways😉) luv and welcome your food pictures and news about your new house and the mishaps even….keep on truckin as they used to say!

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