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30 May: Saturday

Paso Robles, California: A very pleasant day inside the trailer park. Temperatures did not reach the century mark at our campsite. We had some wind, but nothing awful. I did not see another soul all day, except DT. I actually donned the same black tank dress I wore yesterday (and at least one day a week when it is hot - and the dress is at least five years old). I walked into the living area of our bus, twirled, and asked DT what he thought of my dress. He glanced up, then asked if it was new.

We are proud to announce our niece, Delaney (daughter of my baby bro Steve, and his wife, Kris, in Colorado) has earned her Master's in Library Science! Of course, with COVID-19, her graduation was virtual. Such a sad celebration this year for the grads, but we can't be happier for our niece.

We are so proud of Delaney! Stay in school, kids!

My Florist has taken to desperate measures to procure flora for our dinner table. With the heat, most blooms last only one night or so. While biking/jogging around the resort, he now keeps his eye out for pretty flowers on sites with absent motorcoaches. Tonight, he actually took off in the golf cart, plastic tub on-board, gardening gloves (rose thorns!) and my kitchen shears, to steal flowers.

His thievery was so prolific this evening, the flowers were too large for the usual vase situation.

Do the security guards at MCC read this blog?

I was so busy slicing and dicing and mincing and chopping, I did not get our cocktails and appetizers (only nuts this evening) set-out by five o'clock. Alors! The Mean People in Greenwich actually phoned to warn my late martini shaking was somehow realigning the earth's angular velocity. Goodness, I can't be responsible for the planet's axial tilt! I'm only one woman.

In 2016 I recreated a dish we had at a tasting dinner in Paso Robles - potato risotto (actually potatoes minced so small it resembled rice, then cooked as risotto). Since I had a quart of smoked chicken stock in the freezer... yes, I said SMOKED chicken stock, I decided to make the risotto again.

Using stock from a smoked chicken (Whole Foods) made the dish, but again, it did take over 30 minutes of constant stirring for the Yukon Gold potato pieces to cook through. I finished the "risotto" with a dab of unsalted butter and a handful of shredded Parmesan, just as I would any risotto.

The potato risotto was accompanied by an Italian "deli" salad with tomatoes, red onion, celery, hearts of palm, roasted red pepper, green olives, parsley, and peperoncini, tossed in a red wine vinaigrette (with a splash of mayo, sugar, garlic, olive oil and pepper). This is just a great salad - and easily made ahead - tossed with the dressing just before serving.  

Until my next update, I remain, your "shaken, not stirred" correspondent.

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  1. I hope you will help my disorganized self. Like you, my freezer is stocked (although items are used daily). It started out orderly but is now such a mess I need to redo. I wondered if you have any tips or hints or organizing a freezer. I have the freezer drawer at the bottom of the refrig. How do you find what you are looking for? Hoping you can offer suggestions. Thank you.

    1. Joan: I will answer your question on my blog Sunday. Thank you for asking.

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