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29 May: Friday

Blackburn, England: There was a bit of relief from the heat, as it was just barely over 100° today. I cycled; Dave jogged. Other than that, not much happened. We did not leave the resort again today. The palm tree trimming still continues, and the construction next door still continues, so it was fairly noisy again today.

I can show the last two of the six-piece set of vintage Limoges appetizer plates:

I look just like this when I get a ball out of a sand trap.
Except I often get a ball out of a sand trap with my right throwing arm.
Of course, we would never wear orange.

Since were observing Night 75 of our Confinement, I thought we should do-it-up. Whoop! Whoop! A fancier appetizer was prepared: shredded Gruyere, mixed with a teeny bit of grainy mustard, piled on sliced baguette and broiled.

Super easy, and we both enjoyed the combo.

The only other bit of work needed from me this afternoon to prepare dinner was to wash a little lettuce, slice about half of a fennel bulb with my RV-sized mandolin, and slice a Cara-Cara orange. The slivered fennel was dressed in olive oil, salt, and pepper and left to marinade all afternoon. The salad was assembled just before dining, and topped with a little red onion, Kalamata olives and chopped fennel fronds.

My Driver cooked dinner... which, of course, means our meal was grilled this evening. Steak and asparagus. One steak, shared, and which we actually finished. Though it looks a bit charred in the photo, it was juicy inside.

I'm sorry, did I say Mr. Driver cooked dinner? Of course, I meant to say, My Florist:

He did the dishes too.

We finished The English Game on Netflix this evening. Highly recommend. The six-part series, based on fact, tells the beginning of soccer in the UK. 

Until my next update, I remain, your sleepy correspondent.

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