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28 July: Tuesday

La Quinta, California: Not a lot to report today, but since I have been writing a column every day for 130+ days in a row, (mostly to documenting our meals)... we went to the house again today, toting more stuff from the bus. Getting down to just the remainder of our clothing and the food from the pantry and fridge... and our bikes (which I assume will get to the new house via wheel power) and the furniture from our casita. (Borrow one of Arnold's pickup trucks?) Asking the golf cart dude to bring our golf cart to our new place?

Thus, lots of activity at the new house today, but no photos (forgot). I set-up the bar! Always a momentous occasion. Maybe one day soon we will be popping a cork of a nice bottle of bubbly, or shaking a martini at our new house? Again, this house has a great looking bar, but the cabinets/drawers are so small, maybe Ken could shake a martini for Barbie (after she pees in our mini-toilet?). I will make it work. Nothing will get between me and my martini.

Exciting events today were installing a rug pad under the family room rug... which we think is too thick and will cause us/anyone to trip. We will give it a few days to see if it relaxes. If not, well, there are a whole buncha other rugs this pad can hide under. What an exciting life!

I am desperately searching for a washer/dryer set, but nothing decent is available in the Coachella Valley. Is there some-sort of pandemic going on that I don't know about making products unavailable? The units I want are not available until September!

We returned to the Magna Peregrinus just at 6p this evening, and I made a quick salad, chopped things for our dinner and put-out a little appetizer plate:

This week, usually I have been serving nuts before dinner.

We had two sausages left-over from last night... plus potatoes that I baked in foil the same night I made the Hasselback potatoes (Sunday?). Tonight, the baked potatoes were sliced, the sausages were sliced, and they were all sauteed together with red onion and green pepper. Kinda my usual Saturday morning breakfast hash, except with chicken Italian sausage instead of chicken breakfast sausage. Topped with Parmesan, instead of cheddar. And a salad. Must. Make. Salad.

Don't waste food.

Tomorrow we meet with the burglar alarm/security company to see what is up with ancient yellowing monitor panels on the wall of this house. Apparently everything is wifi enabled now, and Alexa can set our alarm. Seriously, she is doing everything else.

Except find me a washer/dryer.

Gonna fire her.

Until my next update, I remain, your "I DID NOT STAY HOME, NOR IRON TODAY" correspondent.

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  1. I can’t find a dishwasher either! First they tried to fix ours…part is on back order indefinitely. Move to replace….can’t locate one till next week, then get in line for installation! We’ve had all our kids and grandkids at the lake for the last 4 days due to heat. I have dishpan hands!

  2. Have you tried PIRCH in RM? Toilet paper, household cleaners, and canned food shortages, no more caffeine free sodas… What next?! Maybe we should all start stockpiling booze and chocolate just in case.

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