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27 July: Monday

La Quinta, California: Really getting so much done these days, and really getting down to a few remaining items to move to the new house. Dave socially-distanced golfed at 7 o'clock this morning, so I spent my morning emptying things from the casita (guest bedroom/bath) to move to the new house. By the time he returned, I was finished. We now have everything from the casita (except the furniture - which we will place on the covered back patio at the new house) moved to the new house.

As you can imagine, we are receiving quite a few packages and deliveries these days. Imagine our surprise when we received a bouquet of flowers! (Not from amazon.com!)

Our sweet house sitter (from Portland), Suzie, sent us a "welcome home" bouquet this afternoon. So pretty! Iris in July!

Suzie is also a needlepointer, and only another stitcher could appreciate this next photo - all of my stitching supplies organized in one cabinet:

Painted canvases, fiber, frames, scissors, tools, scroll-bars, fabric and trim to finish canvases into pillows, reference books, and needles... oh, and one 26-year-old Louis Vuitton stand-up tote. Vintage. Now my travel stitching bag. It is all in this cabinet, and only a few steps away from my stitching chair.

My little Eden.

In one room.

Never take up needlepointing.


The sofa is also a queen sleeper…
just in case Elizabeth stays over when she visits.

My Driver Handyman was busy hanging "art" from our family room in Oregon to our media room in La Quinta. This room is between the two guest suites, and will hold a television and act as a second family room - probably/mostly for the grandkids. I will also stitch in this room. We decided to place our "National Parks" things in this room. Why are we obsessed with having a theme to our rooms?

Yes... there are sconces ON the mirror!

This powder room, for instance. We bought a house with a black toilet. Not only is it a black toilet, it is toilet for people under 4 feet tall. Such a low toilet, that I (5 feet tall), fear I will fall back every time I perch. Hilarious. Not only is the terlet so low, it is placed so the powder room door cannot be closed unless you are already inside the room! Very poor planning. (Not designed by me!)

This black bathroom was redeemed only because we remodeled Lisa (Portland/childhood) bathroom when she was married, and went with a Parisian-style marble bath, as Lisa spent two summers in high school/college in Paris. The decor from her Portland bathroom was absolutely perfect in this black/white powder room. Now, we don't go to the bathroom... we go to Paris!

Speaking of Lisa... they are all on a road-trip to Oregon. Social-Distancing vacay in a rented tiny house. Seeing no one. Lisa and Lenny posted several photos today, but have no cell service for several days, so she won't know I stole this pix.

My Favorite Grandchildren at Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park is Oregon's only national park. Hard to believe, isn't it? The fact that Mount Mazama imploded 7700-ish years ago to create a massive caldera is world-wide worthiness. Fed only by rain and snow, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in America. Simply a beautiful place in the world. The kids found snow today in the park.

It was 110 in Indio today. No snow. Not one flake.

We were at the house this afternoon until after five o'clock. Thirty minutes of the last hour were spent looking for my reading glasses (never mind I have many others in the RV). Where did they go? No time for a gourmet meal. I had planned to heat chicken sausages, saute zucchini, and make a salad... and I did.

134th dinner cooked. In. A. Row.

Until my next update, I remain, your "nearly there" correspondent.

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  1. When we made our last move 6 years ago, we were able to do it over a 3 week time…sure makes things less stressful ! Love the pix of L & L at Crater Lake. (We had reservations there starting Wed., but decided to cancel with everything that’s happening right now. Maybe next year?)

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