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29 July: Wednesday

La Quinta, California: So busy today, I really didn't have time to snap photos and there is really nothing to photograph. The security system was upgraded and was nearly contact-free. I was even able to pay and sign the contract on my phone. Modern! COVID-FRIENDLY.

Dave and I went through several boxes of framed photos, deciding where to place the very few (hard copy) photos we kept during our move.

Then we proceeded to the framed things in Dave's den/office. Dave has so many awards, certificates, trophies, and memorabilia from his running days, and his years volunteering to organize the Olympic Track & Field Trials in Eugene. There is a fine-line between displaying your awards, and making your office look like a shrine. We toned it down quite a bit, but it is hard to hide talent and brilliance.

My opinion is highly prejudiced.

I have been placing pieces of "art" along baseboards, and DT has been hanging them on the walls above. Perfect marriage.

Have you seen this one? A gorgeous ink print of a fish? Made by Lisa, age 7. This has been in every kitchen we have lived in since she was (obviously) 7.

Dinner tonight was a quiche (made with a store-bought crust - forgive!), ripe tomatoes, turkey bacon, and fresh basil. Super easy and super delicious. And a salad - duh - made with a nectarine in place of a tomato tonight. Delish. We had dinner at 8:30p, while watching a movie.

HAPPY NEWS! I found a washer/dryer! After communing with my gal-pals, Kathy & Mary, they helped me decide against the washer/dryer I thought I wanted... and so was able to find a (maybe better?) pair. The only odd thing thing is... they are black. Finger-print-free-black. There is a lot of black in the granite counter in the laundry room, so I hope they will be fine. If they are not? I really don't care if they are purple. If they can be delivered/installed next week and I can get rid of the ancient moldy top-loader in there now? Done. Honestly, I washed a load of rags/towels we had been using all last week while moving in... then, when I went to transfer the washed load to the dryer, realized I am too short to reach to the bottom of the top-loader tub. #ShortGirlLife.

Seriously dragging, but we are getting so close to being able to move into/sleep in our new home. I must be to the house by 9a tomorrow to await another delivery.

Until my next update, I remain, your tired correspondent.