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26 July: Sunday

La Quinta, California: As many of My Dear Readers have deduced, we too feel the stoopid eye-level (for me, anyway) plug on the wall must have been for a light to shine on a piece of art. This piece of art had better have been a Picasso, for all the hassle it is causing us.

But overnight I had some sort of epiphany. We have an alter cabinet and we have a tall display cabinet, so decided to switch-out where these two pieces of furniture would live.

Can you see a plug-in the wall to the right of this cabinet?
(The carving on the right are from an antique Chinese wedding bed.
No idea where they will be placed yet.)
Look closely, to the right - 1/4 of the way down from the top

By placing the taller display cabinet on the niche with the odd plug-in, we could 80% cover the face plate. I think if Queen Elizabeth were to visit our home, we may go the expense/trouble of having the plug-in removed or moved. The chances of this happening are very slim. Nearly zero. Okay. Absolutely zero. She is not coming.

Instead, My Driver Handyman coated the face plate with a bit of the touch-up paint left by the last owner. It is very difficult to see the plug-in until you are right at the cabinet. Done and done. If it really bugs me, the face plate isn't anything a trailing silk philodendron can't hide. Am I right?

So now... the altar cabinet (instead of the display cabinet) will live on the left side of the living room fireplace... and will be situated there as soon as the big a$$ television left by the past owner is removed from the wall to the left of the fireplace. Thursday, we think. The hole in the wall from the TV wall bracket can easily be covered with a painting. Win-Win. (The orange feet on the altar cabinet are MOVING MEN - little padded discs that allow two old people to slide furniture around a house without putting our their backs nor scuffing-up the floors. When I went to amazon.com to reference this link tonight, it said we purchased this item in 2003. Great product; highly recommended.)

These rosewood pieces were purchased when we lived in Taiwan, circa 1985... along with the dining table, buffet, silver chest, coffee table, and end tables... and a few other smaller pieces. The dining table was custom-made. Expensive then, priceless now. The altar cabinet is the only piece that is carved in the front. The dining table and buffet are plain, yet still distinctively Chinese.

While Dave worked-out this morning (and I did not... aside: I have not been exercising daily over the past week, yet still have covered over 10000 steps every day on my pedometer... and have lost several pounds) I went through the cabinets in the casita kitchen to decide what needed to be moved to the new house, what needed to be moved to the RV, and what needed to be donated to charity.

The plan for today, was to take the casita kitchen items (just a few things) to the new house, get them situated, and return to the RV around 3p, to actually have a little rest. We have been going full-speed-ahead for two weeks!

With the furniture switch-up, we didn't get back to the bus until 4p, but it was so wonderful to actually have a few hours to relax before dinner.

Only 2/3rd's of our meal was edible tonight. I hasselbacked two of the potatoes from our CSA box and stuffed them with garlic, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, pepper and chili flakes. They were delicious.

I also had time to make a simple red sauce from the massive container of cherry tomatoes - and basil - from the CSA box, and serve it over sliced Thai Eggplant (also from the CSA box), that roasted on the same sheet pan that held the potatoes.

The 1/3 of the meal that failed, was a Santa Maria Tri-Tip purchased in a vacuum-sealed bag. DT grilled the tri-tip, but it was SO SALTY, we had to toss it. Y'all know how I hate to waste food, but it could not be rescued. Lesson learned. The only meat I will purchase seasoned and vacuum sealed will be an annual corned beef. Pinky Swear.

Until my next update, I remain, your problem-solving correspondent.

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  1. We always knew restaurants/processed foods contain lots of salt, but after months of home cooking the occasional takeout/pre-prepared foods often seems way too salty. Our taste buds have apparently adjusted to less salt and more subtle flavors.

  2. Looking good! Your so organized I’m ashamed. Lol
    I have ‘no clutter’ envy !

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