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25 July: Saturday

La Quinta, California: Hey, guess what? We spent the day at our new house, organizing our belongings. The kitchen is finished. Ready to move in (i.e. bring the food from the pantry and fridge in our RV). My office is now finished. I have brought nearly everything from my RV desk to my new kitchen desk.

Please remember this photo. This is the only time my desk will ever be this empty/organized. My last desk had a 14-foot desk top (built-in along a wall). Let's see if I can run this house in 46 inches? Soon, a few shelves will be added above my desktop, where I can place my treasures, cookbooks I will be using currently... and, of course, this photo (on the desk) with Shirley from a lovely afternoon we spent on Capri.

Dave's office bookcase arrived today, but he just placed it up against the wall and continued patching holes from the past owner's molly bolts. (The past owners must have owned very heavy pieces of art.) We are also dealing with a random plug-in that is placed about four feet from the floor in the middle of a wall. (Why is this even happening? Who needs a plug-in four feet from the floor? Am I missing something?) We either need to have the plug-in moved to a more normal situation - like a few inches from the floor - or have it sealed up? Our only other option is to hang a few wedding bed panels we have (it could work) to cover the plug-in. This is still a work-in-progress situation.

DT did hang these adorable antique fruit crate prints in the kitchen. They used to hang in the kitchen of the caretaker apartment in our house in Portland, but I knew they would probably be fabulous in any kitchen we would happen to buy in the Coachella Valley. So cute!

Imagine me here, stitching, listening to an audio book.
My Happy Place.

My final project of the day was to reassemble my massive needlework stand. I had a few senior-moments before I could remember how to actually put this thang together again. I was talking to myself, laughing, swearing, and finally was able to remind myself how to get the stand together again. Jeesh.

I am ready to stitch! Honestly, can't wait! So excited!

Tomorrow, I will work to organize the huge cabinet from our Portland family room (that once held booze and candles), but will now hold my needlework supplies.

We did not return to the RV until after 6p, which was way past the window for cooking a Santa Maria tri-tip, planned for our dinner tonight. Tomorrow? For tonight, I whipped-up a caprese salad with the early girl tomatoes and basil from our CSA box. Our entree was pasta. Pasta, again, to the rescue.

I used the fun pasta called "rags" - or the curly edges from traditional lasagna noodles.

After the cooked pasta was drained, I sauteed (in the same pot used to cook the pasta) garlic in olive oil, a bit of butter, then added the spinach and stirred until the spinach had wilted. A splash of white wine was added during the cooking process. When most of liquid had dissipated, the drained pasta was returned to the pot, dressed with chili flakes and garnished with shredded Parmesan. 

Tomorrow, we will be back at it. Until my next update, I remain, your nearly organized correspondent.

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  1. I have read every one of your posts for years and years, and every day for the past months, your daily updates have been at the top of my reading list. I dread the time when you are all settled and cut back on the number of times you post. I thoroughly enjoy every photo, every comment, and especially every food-related post/recipe. Thank you.

  2. Possibly for a light bar hung over some artwork. We did that in our former house so the plug and cord would be hidden behind the art. We have some large framed work so it made sense. Btw, love watching your move in! Does this mean we won’t see you in the Fall?

  3. In the hall. Great, it’s where you plug in the vacuum without learning how to touch your toes. And you can spiffy up several rooms without re-plugging. Also a good spot for a night light. And when the house floods, no immediate sparks!

  4. Come Tuesday afternoon, you’ll find out why they put the wall plug at 4 ft. above the floor.

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