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23 June: Tuesday

Indio, California: I really hoped this post tonight would be more exciting. Maybe with better photography? An exciting event?

Nope. Tonight marks the 100th night of cooking dinner. In. A. Row.

On Sunday, when we went to Lisa & Lenny's AirBnB, and she brought us a bowl of chips? That was the first time I had eaten a thing in 98 days I had not prepared.

It was so hot today, and I slept-in (thank goodness!), and did not exercise. It was ironing day, however, and ironing cocktail napkins, dinner napkins, etc., in this heat can technically be called a work-out?

On the 100th day, I caved.

Why sit outside in ridiculous temperatures when we are paying to cool our motorhome? We had cocktails inside the bus, while watching the news. The enchiladas were baked in the outdoor oven, but served inside. Very civilized.

Since I went to all the trouble to make the salsa verde from the tomatillos in the CSA box, and went to all the trouble to shred the chicken from the Costco rotisserie, etc., etc., etc., possibly it would have been worth more effort on my part to take a better photo of the enchiladas? I can only tell you they were super delicious, and I suppose you will have to believe me. Just shredded chicken inside corn tortillas, with the green sauce poured over. Grated cheddar. Baked. Sliced black olives as garnish. 

It's even easier if you just buy a can of green enchilada sauce! (But not as delicious.)

I just could not face making another tossed salad, so chopped up a tomato (Early Girl, also from the CSA box), tossed it with balsamic vinegar, EVOO, sea salt, and basil (CSA box). This mixture was scooped into the hollow of avocado halves. Salad. Done.

Maybe something will happen tomorrow? No. Nothing will happen tomorrow.

Until my next update, I remain, your 100-day correspondent.

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  1. Even though I like to cook, like you, I am tired of cooking dinner. … and making salads…and planning dinner…and trying to keep up with my Intacart orders so I don’t run out of some key ingredient because I do not go to the grocery store. I just pay the big bucks and have groceries delivered. Oh when will it end?

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