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21 June: Sunday

Fabulous Palm Springs, California: We had a quiet morning, waking with the birds. Today we watched a young Green Heron fish for a little sushi from our boat(less) dock.

I do not recall every seeing a Green Heron before moving to the Motorcoach Country Club. Such a magnificent creature, we are now lucky to see the species nearly daily. The bill and legs are a brilliant lime green on a young heron. So pretty!

We were also blessed to see our family today! Months ago (before COVID) Lisa and Lenny had rented an AirBnB house to celebrate the kids finishing school. (Way before Lenny and Lisa knew they would be the school teachers!) Dave and I would/should have been in Eugene for the Olympic Trials this week. Anyway, at the last minute, the house was still available (duh), so they came out to Palm Springs! We spent the social-distancing afternoon watching the kids in the pool and enjoyed the Best Father's Day one could imagine in these circumstances.

We celebrated Father's Day together in the evening - just the two of us - back at the Motorcoach Country Club. Dave grilled a steak, and I made french fries.

I wonder how many dads had a steak tonight?

Before we headed-out to Palm Springs to see the kids, I roasted the beets from our CSA box, so tonight we could enjoy a salad with lettuce, roasted beets, crumbled goat cheese, baby tomatoes, and toasted pistachios in a light balsamic vinaigrette... garnished with micro-greens (also from the CSA box).

Too pretty to eat?


Until my next update, I remain, your managing correspondent.