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2 June: Tuesday

Minneapolis, Minnesota: There hasn't been an appointment on our calendar for months, and we had TWO today. A service tech came this morning to service our three roof-top air conditioners. It had been a while, and we live in a very dusty environment, so it is good to have them cleaned-up and serviced. All three may be needed in the coming heat.

We were both able to exercise before the tech arrived, and Tuesday is the day I am supposed to stay home, organize myself, change the sheets and iron the linens. All of these things occurred, and I baked a loaf of focaccia in my spare time. Though it took hours to service the three air conditioners, all were declared "still good" and are working hard... with a slight warning that the front air conditioner will be the first to go... but, as Jimmy Buffett would say: not yet.

In the afternoon, we again met our real estate agent to tour through two smaller homes in a country club in La Quinta. No offers made.

Knowing we would not return until late, I put a Lamb & Lentil soup (heat and eat) from the freezer on our menu tonight, along with a salad. (Did not photograph salad, but it was a near exact repeat of the composed tomato salad from the other night, with artichoke hearts in place of asparagus. Use your imagination.)

Brie and Biscuits, olives and almonds
Lamb and Lentil soup
Whole Wheat Focaccia

A rare busy day! Not so sure I like all this activity, and can't believe how much our lives have changed over the past 90 days. We share an iCloud calendar. The only appointment notices we get from each other now are about an event - usually a track meet - being cancelled. It's just too depressing. I used to check the calendar daily, but rarely do anymore, so have missed a few birthdays, and feel terrible. 

Happy Birthday! 

Until my next update, I remain, your oddly busy correspondent.

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  1. Do you still have a link to your old recipe site? Looking for your brisket…

  2. I appreciate your writing your blog each day. You even make boring interesting! Love your sense of humor.

  3. Thanks for your daily blogs! I think we’re all wondering what the “new normal” will become – and when (or for how long)!

    I know the Magna Perigrinus (sp?) has been subjected to a lot of very hot temperatures. Are you able to leave your roof top awnings out to shade the curb side all the time – or is it too windy? If you had roof top awnings on the driver’s side – would they have helped at all? I’m assuming you must have to run all three AC’s constantly to keep it livable, but can they even keep up when it’s super hot? (We only want to read about the baking you do in the oven – not your and DT! LOL)

  4. We no longer have to worry about afternoon sun on the driver side of our motorhome – there is a casita on the lot next door now. We only need two of the roof-top air cons to keep the bus cool (even when it is 115 degrees) and if all else fails, apparently this bus has wheels – we can leave.

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