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3 June: Wednesday

Tunis, Tunisia: The hottest day (so far) this year in parts of the Coachella Valley. The official temperature in Indio was ONLY 111°, though somehow it seemed quite a bit warmer this evening.

The tree-trimmers FINALLY made it out to our corner of the Motorcoach Country Club this morning. The NOISE!

The palm on our property a few days ago
Our palm tree today
The debris

No matter, we didn't hang around much in Indio today. Another appointment! We met our estate agent in Palm Springs today to tour through three similar - but different - smaller condo-type homes. Each house was within a gated development, but were separate homes. It was an amazing amount of fun to tour through these three places. Always good to keep our options open.

As long as we were driving all the way to Palm Springs (45 minutes) we brought a large cooler in the car, filled with ice packs, so we could stop at Whole Foods in Palm Desert on our way home. I'm pretty sure we have not been to the Whole Foods in over 4 months? Maybe longer? I like to purchase meat from WF, and they also have lovely cheeses (DO. NOT. NEED. CHEESE.), specialty dairy, and deli items. I found organic bread flour today! As I have said many times, the Ralph's (Kroger) around the corner from us, has such a larger variety of organic produce - at such better quality and prices - than WF!

Busy day appetizer for a north-African-inspired meal? Pita chips and purchased hummus.

Dinner tonight was fairly easy. We purchased four chicken thighs (with bones and skin) at Whole Foods. I tossed the thighs with a drained can of garbanzo beans and 1/4 cup harissa sauce (I use the spicy version of MINA brand). Everything (only three ingredients: chicken, garbanzo beans, and harissa sauce) was placed on a sheet pan, and roasted for 30 minutes at 425°. 

I served the chicken and chickpeas over a dab of Greek yoghurt mixed with grated cucumber (aka tzatziki sauce), a packaged couscous mix, and garnished the dish with fresh mint leaves from our garden pots.

Though the dish was not spicy (to me), the cold tzatziki cut any spice, and the couscous and garbanzos were a great accompaniment to the crispy chicken.

Composed salad with butter lettuce, diced tomato, grape tomatoes,
black olives, pickled asparagus spears, with creamy vinaigrette.

Is this Day Three-in-a-Row of a Composed Salad? Get over it. The creamy vinaigrette, made a few days ago, is finally finished.

Unless I decide to make more because it is so yummy.

Until my next update, I remain, your spicy correspondent.