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19 August: Wednesday

La Quinta, California: This is just not Wednesday. Today our darling granddaughter turned 6! How is is this even possible? Lucy is 6. She had a social-distancing birthday party at home this afternoon with three guests (Leo, Lisa, and Lenny). Lisa and Lenny made sure Lucy still had a fun day:

Dang, isn't it just wonderful to be 6? Lucy Facetimed with us twice today, thanking us for her birthday gifts. Hopefully, we will be able to see her very very soon?

Up yours, Pandemic.

I walked... then tried to figure-out the zones on our sprinkler system. There are two control boxes for this house. I was easily able to determine which zone was what on the first box (it seemed to operate everything in front of the house) because it was the same brand/model of the control box from our house in Portland. Then I decided to label the zones for the box that controlled the back of the house. I was running back and forth and forth and back and back and forth and forth and back. After Zone 3 - I decided this was a two-person job - I needed a spotter! Why weren't all the zones labeled in the first place? Who operates a house like this? Goodness, I just can't stand disorganization!

After Dave returned from his exercise, we had a nice relaxing swim in our pool... and then finished-off the rest of that Sunday flank steak. (After Three Days, Everything Must Go!)

Our appetizer plate tonight: brie, fig jam, walnuts, biscuits, and olives.
A really magical combination.

To pay a bit of homage to our favorite granddaughter tonight, I made a kid-friendly meal for our dinner: chicken fingers and roasted potato wedges, served with Ranch dip. Is this the first time Ranch Dip has ever been mentioned on this blog? I'm not a fan, but apparently Leo and Lucy (and most kids?) are.

I made the chicken fingers myownself, using chicken breast tenders. It really stunk-up the house, but a Bubbe has to do what a Bubbe has to do. The potatoes and chicken fingers were really good. 

It's not a birthday without dessert, so I made Pots de Creme. Two little pots. I think this is the first time we have had dessert since Dave's 65th birthday in April? So sad.

But, it isn't only Lucy's (and our sister-in-law, Ali) celebrating a birthday today. Mary and Steve's second daughter, Kelly, delivered a baby girl this morning in Portland! Another member of our Family of Friends. Emilia! What a beautiful name, and what a happy day for Mary & Steve's family. There is nothing like a baby girl!

Until my next update, I remain, your celebratory correspondent.

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  1. Happy Birthday to the lovely Lucy! Would love to have your Recipe for Pots de Crème. Love that dessert, but never seem to be able to make it correctly. Merci!

  2. Wow, time flies when your a small kid growing up!
    Now that you have all the zones figured out on the sprinklers, I would highly recommend replacing your current controllers with the Rachio controllers! We found the installation super-easy! Not only will they automatically water – based on what plants need, but you can view, monitor and adjust from your phone! (Bonus – I saw them at Costco!). Something every tech-savvy Bubbe should have!

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