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20 August: Thursday

La Quinta, California: Nothing to Report. Really a wasted day. I just hate really do not like waste. Wasted time (and food) especially. We were up with the birds this morning because the company we hired to place shelves above my kitchen desk (and do a few more things in the kitchen) were to arrive today at 8a. They had been here TWICE already to measure, re-measure, and actually take a door (back to their shop) from a kitchen cabinet to match the stain color. They didn't show. DT went for his exercise. I stayed home, waiting. DT returned from his bike ride. Still nothing. At eleven, we phoned them. Oops. They will call us back. By then, it was 110 degrees, and too hot for me to take my exercise.

When they did phone back, they said they would be here next Tuesday. Ugh. Will they?

All of this is so frustrating. We are still waiting for furniture we ordered on July 1st that was "in stock" when ordered, and would be delivered within two weeks. Now the delivery dates are out to early September. They have had our $$$ since July 1st. How is this a good business model? I guess companies know their customers will not/cannot go to a store to buy anything, so they can just string us along until they can get their inventory back in-check?

Most fun? Today I had one of those Robo-calls informing me of a truck delivery, and would we be available on a certain date and a certain time next week to take delivery? OF WHAT? Funny thing is... the robo-voice never said which company was delivering to us - just a trucking company bringing something to our house. It's not like we won't be home. We never go anywhere, (except for a walk/ride inside this country club). One of us can be home at any time. Won't it be fun to see what shows up next week? (I just said YES to every question on the robo-call, yet there has yet to be a follow-up email confirming the delivery.) Mystery.

Did one of My Readers send me a Bentley? Tesla? Case of champagne? (If so, I will be here. I'm always here.)

And, thank you.

Since we were expecting workers in our kitchen all morning, I made a salad (before breakfast) Dave and I could enjoy on the veranda (or anywhere). Lettuces, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, shredded cheddar, and - wait for it - (left-over) chicken fingers, and ranch dressing!

It is going to take us quite a while to get through that jar of Ranch dip, but, dang, if this wasn't a good salad. I bet you can get this salad in 150,000 restaurants in America on any given (pre-pandemic) day.

Our dinner was Italian-ish (spaghetti pasta with beef meatballs), so I pepped an antipasto platter for our hors d'oeuvres:

Grilled artichoke hearts, olives, pickled asparagus, a fancy
baby (brown) tomato, and slices of smoked mozzarella cheese

As suggested from the chicken meatball recipe last week, I did remember to add a shredded zucchini to my regular beef meatball recipe tonight. Can't say that it made the meat balls more moist, because my beef meatballs are poached in red sauce (not fried or baked), so are naturally moist. I can say the meatballs were really really delicious, so why not add a bit of veg to your meatballs if you have the chance?

We had a classic Caesar salad as well.

We thought it might rain tonight. It did not.

Until my next update, I remain, your wasting-away-again (with apologizes to Mr. Buffett) in-another-wasted-day correspondent.

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