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18 August: Tuesday

La Quinta, California: It has not happened yet. The day when we wake to only need to check our emails, have coffee, exercise, and then do something fun... or relaxing... or golf-related. DT is still busy matching paint and caulking, plus getting our MCC lot ready to sell. I am still organizing, but am nearly to the end of my to-do list.

It was already 96 degrees when we woke around 7 o'clock this morning. By the time we had chugged caffeine and headed out on our bicycles, the temperatures were probably not safe. Oddly enough, with the heat-warning temperatures, we are also suffering through record-breaking dew-points. It is so humid. So odd.

I put a tracer on my phone to track my bike route this morning - trying to learn a good route around this country club that does not have a circular route - nearly every exercise route will need to be discombobulated to make a good course. (Insert sad face here.)  DT helped me plan a course, and later showed me how to add an easy 1/4+ mile to my routine. My plan is to not get lost after November.

A girl needs goals.

Two more sprinkler heads, expressing their inner-selves as geysers, blew-out in the back garden today. Two! A comedy of errors? We assume as Daniel tapped-off one sprinkler head, it only increased the water pressure to others on the system, causing "thar she blows" up and down the conduit? 

The ADT rep actually showed up to check the details from our install. He was only (barely) in the entry of our house for 30 seconds, and he was (of course) wearing a mask... but he was still another person in our house. Issue resolved. Now we will wait until we are 102 years old for our three $200 VISA gift cards. Gives us something to live for!

Today is my "stay at home" day, where I wash the bed linens, kitchen linens, and iron for at least 30 minutes. Mission accomplished!

The haze in the back of this photo is not smoke from a wildfire, nor any other pollution. The haze is rare moisture.

We had a chopped salad for lunch, with the rest of the garbanzo beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, dill, buffalo mozzarella balls, a can of Oregon Albacore, and probably a bunch of other stuff - but no lettuce. It was a great lunch, and quite enjoyed. (Did not photograph.)

Non-Asian-inspired appetizers tonight.

Dinner tonight was (I thought) the last of the flank steak from Sunday. The meal plan tonight was Black Pepper Tofu with dry sauteed string beans. Plans changed with all the flank steak remaining. The tofu can wait.

I did twice-fry the green beans. After the beans (from their first round) were removed for the wok, I added slivered onion, red pepper and celery and stir-fried these veggies until they were perfect. At the last minute, I add the left-over flank steak (diced), and after another minute, I added the green beans back into the wok, tossing it all with a sauce made with water, cornstarch, sherry, garlic, soy, sesame, and Taiwanese Chili Crunch - garnished with fresh cilantro leaves.

Taiwan Pickle, of course

Lunch tomorrow! When will we ever finish that flank steak?

Until my next update, I remain, your non-normal correspondent.

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  1. Love your new house. Mt View CC? I lived in La Quinta for 4 years. The humidity in August is the worst of the worst (and pretty common).

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