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16 May: Saturday

Indio, California: Yesterday was such a blur. An overwhelming rollercoaster of emotion and happiness. I wasn’t able to write about our activities, but they included riding bicycles around-and-around-and-around-and-around the resort (masks and helmets, of course), and pool time. It was just under 100 degrees, so quite comfortable on Friday afternoon.

Lenny told me the 15th of May is National Pizza Party Day, so this Bubbe did not miss a step. I made a large batch of dough and let everyone roll-out their crusts and top their pizzas with whatever they wanted.

Mini Chefs
LUCY: red sauce, a bit of cheese and very few vegetables.
She did pick many mint leaves from the herb garden to add to her creation.
LEO: dough, red sauce and mint leaves. No cheese. He ate it all.
(Lucy ate about half of her pizza.) There was salad.

On to Saturday/today: more pool time, and Lucy decided we needed to have a picnic lunch. Leo and Lucy rode around the resort to scout-out a good shady spot, and decided Hughes Plaza (behind the clubhouse and main swimming pool) would be the perfect location. I made sandwiches and we biked/golf-carted to the pool (with all the paraphernalia kids need for an afternoon out. Lunch was fun, and we moved over to the pool for aquatic adventures:

Nothing like having the joint to yourself! We could use our massive pool floats, super-soakers, throw the football - anything - because the pools was ours for several hours. So much fun.

Always time for LEGO!

Appetizer tray-o-the-day: cream cheese and crackers, topped with Mary’s red pepper jam, Tillamook cheddar, cashews, tomatoes, cornichons, olives and mandarin orange segments.

Japanese dinner tonight. Teriyaki Sockeye (wild-caught) salmon, grilled by Bubba, Sunomono salad (cucumbers), rice cooked in coconut milk, and iceberg lettuce with miso dressing. S’mores - without the graham crackers, served over vanilla ice cream - OMG - for the dessert. Only kids had dessert, obviously.

Sports movie watched by boys. Shirley Temple movie watched by girls.

A very wonderful day.

Until my next update, I remain, your elated correspondent.

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