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15 May: Friday

Indio, California: After writing a column every night for 9784 nights straight, I am going to take a break tonight. I am going to bed. I am tired.

But gloriously so. We have weekend visitors. Dave and I can’t be happier:

Such a great day, as it has been since March 7th since we have seen our family.

Leo seems to be a teenager now (he is 8), and Lucy is in college (she is 5).

I promise a full report after the weekend visit.

Until my next update, I remain, your very happy correspondent.

2 thoughts

  1. I can well understand your happiness. It has been at least 75 days since we have seen our youngest (five-year-old) grandson and I ache to be able to touch his sweet face and smother him with kisses.

    Please keep up the blog. I have followed you religiously for about ten years and never miss a one. I enjoy you sharing your family and your travels (whenever that comes along again). And especially your gourmet side. I have made many of your recipes, and although we no longer RV, they were fabulous while roaming. I just recently channeled you with setting out a few snacks while we watch the news before dinner. Keep up the good work.

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