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17 May: Sunday

Indio, California: With late movies yesterday, the youngsters slept-in even later than the grandparents! After toast and berries, Leo and Lucy were ready to hit the streets on their bikes/scooters.

Leo did not stop moving the entire weekend; Lucy did not stop talking.

Leo found two fledglings fallen from their nests on the golf course. He felt it his duty to alert the security guards... obviously our guards are trained animal rescue agents as well (?)... but DT reported, after a later recon-mission, that maybe the world is short one songbird this afternoon. (We did not let Leo know.)

After the first exercise of the day, “second breakfast” - blueberry pancakes - were produced (by me), before a trip to the pool at the yacht club. Again, we were the only people at the pool.

Our Own Private Indio.

There was lunch (left-over coconut rice and salmon - stir fried together, along with sautéed Chinese cabbage, and a tomato, olive and mint salad), freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, more bike and scooter riding, and even a round of golf.

All of this occurred before 2p.

We Love Lucy!
We Love Justin Herbert Trevor Lawrence Leo!

After the kids left for Los Angeles, Dave and I started laundry. We are always in such sad moods after our family leave. In an hour, things are tidy again, but there is an empty place in our neat space.

Our appetizer plates tonight served as our dinner. DT didn’t want anything else... which meant... OBVIOUSLY... I didn’t either. Mushroom pasta will wait until tomorrow.

Until my next update, I remain, your “going to bed without my supper” correspondent.