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13 July: Monday

Indio, California: The schedule today: DT had a video conference call at noon, then the RV air conditioning guy was stopping by to make sure our three roof-top 11-plus-year-old air conditioners would still cool enough to keep our bodies from being discovered one day by paramedics... or archaeologists.

At the new house, there was a delivery window for the sofa bed (that wouldn't open several weeks ago when delivered). Also an area rug was being delivered today. A few other things showed-up today as well... but the area rug did not. Just as I was packing-it-up for the day, I had a text message from FedEx stating the rug would be delivered tomorrow. Whatever. The optimal plan is that rugs are delivered before the furniture that will sit on the carpets. Obviously, this isn't the end of the world, but it would be a convenient scenario. 

The sofa bed was delivered. It opened. I didn't even have to go into the "guest wing" of the house. The crew delivered the sofa bed through French doors in the courtyard, opened-up the memory foam mattress, closed the doors, and left. I will go into the room in a few days and close it all up. Furniture delivery in COVID times.

It's a new world.

Our World News: Our Governor shut us down again today. Thank goodness! I wish California would have never opened up. What a disaster we are making of this virus. Today, everything went back basically to Day One, except you can still eat outside at a restaurant (Why? Stay home, or do take-out.). Salons closed. Gyms closed. Malls closed. Churches/temples closed. Bars closed. Parks. Zoos. Amusements. Retail closed. Then, the Mayor announced LA schools will not be opening at all this fall. Leo and Lucy will be back to Zoom School! (Makes no difference in our family: Lisa and Lenny had decided to not send the kids back to school anyway. Too dangerous.)

Dinner was started the moment I returned to the RV. Coho fillets were marinated in miso paste, soy, ginger, and lime juice. Then I made Korean cucumbers from The New York Times. Oh, dang, if these cucumbers weren't delicious and worth all the text messages I had to send to my Instacart shopper describing exactly where Persian cucumbers were housed at our local supermarket. He found the cucumbers!

I seriously feel sorry for every Instacart shopper who gets my order.

Even with a very Asian menu, no idea why I came up this very boring/usual snack plate. Maybe because I arrived home at 4:30 and cocktails are at five?

The cucumbers were delicious and I did not have gochugaru, but only gochujang (two different Korean chili sauces). Not sure how different the cucumbers would have been, but we just loved the result... and I used rice wine vinegar instead the the requested white distilled vinegar.


Until my next update, where the temperatures are going to drop below 110°, I remaining, your waiting correspondent.

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  1. The cukes look wonderful! Question: Will you still be RV Goddess when you move into that beautiful house? Will you keep the bus?

    1. I keep getting this question. Not selling the bus. Just moving from Oregon to California. We will put the RV into storage when not in use, just as we did when we lived in Oregon. Our lot at MCC is for sale – tell all your friends!

      1. Thanks for responding. We’re all just nosey I guess! We enjoy your gentle posts and would be sad if they went away….

  2. Hate seeing you guys leave MCC, but love your new house!
    New times…new adventures.
    I’m sure the addition of two rather large (and, intrusive) casitas next door assisted in the decision to sell. 🙁

    1. Not at all! Our decision was made due to our grandchildren. We have been planning this for several years. Since we were rarely in Portland, it took longer than it should have to get our house ready to sell. Then it sold much faster than we imagined… then we had travel plans through October, but obviously we can’t travel now due to COVID-19, so we just moved our plans up and bought a house!

      1. Glad to hear. Love hearing how happy you are about the house and spending more time with the grandkids!
        Please don’t stop writing your blog. Always look forward to reading about your adventures and all the wonderful things you cook. I’m jealous of your culinary talents!

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