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12 July: Sunday

Indio, California: More time spent at the new house. Putting together the ELFA dresser (for me), but we were not able to install the video doorbell because the "masonry" drill bit would/could not go into our stucco with our wimpy drill. This will be a job for Arnold. 

With a few errors, we were able to get my dresser together. We did have an issue with the two "three runner" bins. They were stuck together! I mean, like STUCK TOGETHER. The other one-and-two runner-deep drawers were separated with little plastic spacers. Not the two large bins! Dang. Finally, we put them in the fridge for an hour, then went at them with a screw driver (wrapped in a cloth), and finally the two baskets separated. I do hope they enjoyed their time together.

Dave did touch-up paint on more of his valance-hole patching. I connected our Alexa to the NEST thermostats. To listen to my local NPR station, I only need to say: Alexa, play KPCC, and like magic, I am listening to Larry Mantle. I'm a huge NPR-head.

Returning to the RV around 4p, there were a few issues. The Coachella Valley is under a HIGH HEAT ADVISORY... like we couldn't tell it was hotter than hell. It was 119-degrees at our campsite. This is way-way-way over our comfort zone. Our air conditioners protest - though two (of the three) are humming away. Our Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) was beeping, so we pointed a teeny fan onto this device and it shut-up in ten minutes. Our DIRECTV box shut-down/restarted three times due to excess heat.

If it all hits the fan, we can sleep in the bus with the windows open (not going to happen), or... sleep in the queen bed in our icy-cold casita... or sleep on the sofas in our icy-cold house.

The window for our shipment from Portland is now set for Wednesday-Friday (15-17 of July). Due to COVID-19, our things will be delivered, and then we will leave the house for a few days before unpacking.

I don't know what is happening in your community or house, but we are acting as if we are infected, and as if everyone we meet is infected. It is the best way to maneuver during a pandemic.

Wear a mask, people! Wear a mask, people! Wear a mask, people! It's the law in California. Why not nation-wide? You wear a seat belt; wear a mask!

Appetizer tonight, served around 6p: smoked tuna spread with capers and dill. Pretty dang good.

Dinner 119

Tonight I made the Asparagus Tart from the New York Times. There was a bit of trouble with the filling spilling in the refrigerator (seriously, could things get any more crazy?), but I was able to rescue the sauce with a little old-school ingenuity.

It was like Sunday night pizza, except with puff pastry. I've made something similar before, I know, but can't recall when/how at this time.

More exciting deliveries tomorrow!

Until my next update, I remain, your over-heated correspondent.

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  1. You know you are the most exciting thing to read on the whole internet…moving, buying furniture? You’re doing all the work and we get to follow along!

  2. All this in the hot heat? You and Dave are amazing!! We are grandparents now! Our daughter Anna had a sweet baby boy named Jack on June 22.

  3. Paula: welcome to the best part of life! Jack! (And our house is icy cold.)

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