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10 August: Quick Update

TrackTown, USA: A fairly quiet day, after all the hassles of yesterday. Brian installed four new house batteries (the batteries to our living area - not our engine) to replace our 8-year-old sagging battery bank. Then he finished-up a few more tasks and spent quite a bit of time on the roof with a sealant. Brian is vigilant. The bus interior was cleaned (by us), the mattress was flipped (should have video-taped this) and I stocked the larder just in case we are going to be living in our bus outside a brake shop in Eugene for the next twelve weeks/months.

Today is August 10th. I was greeted by this view at the local Safeway:

I just can't.

Some good news? Can you handle it? Maricella is at our house several times a week - checking on things, flushing toilets, watering plants, fetching our mail. She sent photos of a zillion pavers delivered to our driveway for the patio project:

One thing that is progressing on schedule and on budget!

The brake shop knows we are arriving very early in the morning for the assessment.

We had an early night, catching up on Diamond League track meets and enjoying tacos for dinner. Until my next update, which I hope will be filled with an over-abundance of good news, I remain, your optimistic correspondent.

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  1. Finger’s crossed for a quick repair. We are currently sitting at the Northern Quest Casino’s RV Park while my mechanic (and driver and husband) works on a seized water pump that occured as we traveled down I-90 last week! We couldn’t find anyone to work on us, so Dave has stepped up to make the huge repair! Finger’s crossed for us too?

  2. Trusting for a super outcome for these intense problems.
    A true saying, this too shall pass! Hopefully , quickly.

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