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Wastin’ Away Again

San Diego, California: The trip I mentioned yesterday is but a two-night (hotel) get-away to San Diego. The weather is not supposed to be great, but any day by the sea is a good day, right? We took Highway 74 over the mountains. It is a slog - with steep twisty turns, but the yucca and ocotillo are blooming, so it was good we were slow-going so as to enjoy the views. We checked-into the same hotel we used five years ago when we took the grandkids to San Diego for their spring break (though Lucile wasn't even in school yet) - the Manchester Grand Hyatt. It's a great hotel with the perfect location for enjoying all the city has to offer.

The view from our room

After settling in, we had a pre-dinner stroll along the harbor to gawk at the fantastic private yachts. We just couldn't decide which one we liked more! Dave commented a moorage is really just like a RV park. Maybe RV parks should also charge by the foot? We had early dinner reservations at a nearby seafood restaurant, remembering how much we enjoyed it five years ago... but tonight there was basically nothing for me to eat - even the bass had shellfish on it - and the bar did not have Tanqueray gin (what???). DT ordered scallops that he really enjoyed, while I had the vegetarian meal (every restaurant has a vegetarian plate): summer corn ravioli with Mexican seasonings (chile powder, micro-cilantro greens and cotija cheese. I think I won. My dinner was delicious. To be fair, the restaurant also offered a steak... but it was $66, and that's just crazy. I had my martini after dinner in the hotel lounge.

We began our Saturday with a four-mile stroll, this time walking north along the bay. So much for tourists here and I photographed many of the attractions. It was cool when we started our walk, but the sun came out straight away and it grew nice and warm.

Good morning, San Diego
There was one pier devoted to fisherman selling their catch directly to customers right off their boats.
These are Sheepshead, and they are caught in traps (not unlike crab nets). All Sheepshead are born bright red and all are born female. Later, they all turn male and begin to turn black on their head and rear.
Don't talk about this fish in Florida.
There are many boats to tour. This is a frigate boat, the HMS Surprise.
And the world's oldest (still active) sailing ship - the Star of India.
USS Midway. We toured this aircraft carrier with the grandkids previously.
Unconditional Surrender

A new statue graces the harbor - from the famous photograph taken in Times Square with a sailor and a nurse celebrating the end of WWII. (Oops. Turns out she wasn't a nurse, but a dental hygienist, and the kiss was nonconsensual. #Metoo.) Jeesh. Damn you, Google.

We had been walking two hours and needed some fuel. There are many restaurants along the water and we stopped at a place - Mike Hess Brewing - that was advertising Chilaquiles Verde, so I was sold. They also had massive mimosas.

Hooligan Stout and a Mimosa
We had a great brunch, enjoyed in the sunshine. I ordered my chilaquiles with grilled chicken (but no egg). Dave had his with two eggs over-easy.
We should have ordered only one to share, as neither of us finished.

Back to the hotel for a rest and showers, some photo editing (ugh, always photo editing), needlepointing, and more strolling before walking across the street to Puesto at The Headquarters for dinner. Guess who we ran into at the restaurant? The 4L's! Not a coincidence. They drove down after Lucy's Little League game to join us. Not only for dinner, Dear Reader, tonight we are all going to see Jimmy Buffett at Snapdragon Stadium (San Diego State University football stadium). Tonight is his last date for his Second Wind Tour, and this was the third time we had seen him since March. This will be the first time our grandchildren have seen a Buffett show and they basically have no idea who Jimmy is, or know even one of his songs. They just know Bubbe loves a 76-year-old singer and she is taking them to a concert. Fins Up!

After our early dinner, we Ubered to the stadium. Yes, we could have walked across the street and caught the light rail directly to the stadium for a few dollars... but, the last time DT and I were in San Diego to see Jimmy, the rail cars were like sardine cans. Yes, I know COVID is over, but it would have not been a comfortable experience, especially since one of our sardines is so teeny. After entering Snapdragon Stadium, Lisa bought her mom a Parrothead Margarita. $20 in a souvenir cup.

Lenny, with his favorite mother-in-law. Souvenir or not -
the rim of the cheap plastic cup was like a razor blade.
This souvenir did not come home with me.

I may complain a bit about this show. Start time was 7p - an hour earlier than a usual Buffett concert as he had a guest artist: Jason Mraz, and had his long-time band member, Mac McAnally, perform before Mr. Mraz. Mac sang only for a short while, but Jason Mraz (he's super good) played for well over an hour. By the time the roadies had set-up the stage for Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers, it was past 9p. Well past someone's bedtime. Not only Lucile's, but probably Jimmy's as well.

The venue when we arrived (6:30p). This is the new San Diego State football stadium, and the first-ever concert in the venue.
It filled up!
Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band

Except for the late start time, Jimmy put on a very good show. Yes, he always sings the same songs and Parrotheads know the show isn't over until certain songs have been played. His trumpet man, John Lovell, came in from Las Vegas to join the band again tonight, and the bromance continues: Frank Marshall joined in on Margaritaville. I guess he still knows only one song.

Lisa and I were up singing and dancing much of the show, and her children were looking at her like: who are you and how do you know the words to all of these songs? We did get the rugrats to participate in the hand motions on most songs (i.e. fins to the left, fins to the right). Leo, who plays guitar and piano, was fascinated by Mac's guitar skills. Mac plays Little Martha, a song written for two guitars, alone. Except for Lucile (8 years old) falling asleep wearing noise-cancelling headphones, it was a great (late) night. My 47th show.


Angela's (Leo's godmother) baby is already 7 months old. Months ago, Cheeseburger in Paradise came on the radio, and Sebastian went mad wriggling and smiling. Angela sent me a text immediately that he will be a Parrothead! Guess what I found for Sebastian in Las Vegas in March?

Future Parrothead

Start em young!

There was more walking Sunday morning before we checked-out - this time south along the marina. There is a fabulous new concert hall on the water, the Rady Shell:

Our family headed home on I-5, and we took the long and winding road through Julian (where we stopped for pie), through Borrego Springs, and finally home. A great weekend with the kids.

Until my next update, I remain, your wastin' away in Margaritaville correspondent.

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  1. Terry and Dave,

    Saw that you toured the Midway on your Buffet trip.

    If you think back to the tour, the F/A-18 that is on exhibit on the Midway is a jet that I actually flew when I was in training for that airplane. How bout that?

    Cap’n Smith

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