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La Quinta, California: With better weather finally upon us, we have been golfing like mad and even having cocktails by the pool. Finally. So happy to have that terrible winter behind us.

Farm Report: Little tomatoes are appearing in the kitchen garden! We planted three different types of cherry-size tomatoes. So many blossoms as well:

Hang on, Little Tomato

But this is nothing compared to the orchid. It is blooming like mad and, as previously mentioned, has sent up another shoot and now the new shoot has developed buds.

Orchid Gone Wild
Orchids are so mysterious.

But wait - there's more. The gardenias by our entry gates are blooming as well. The fragrance is nearly over-whelming.

But, I still brought one inside the house.

And now for my Ornithologist Report: So many baby ducks and geese are living around the many ponds in the golf course. Is there anything cuter? One momma duck has nine babies. The baby geese are really no longer cute and fluffy. They now look like miniature emus pecking away at the grass. One day, after finishing our 18 holes, we were lucky to see a night heron in a "water feature" (i.e. fake waterfall). They are gorgeous creatures with a long white feather falling from the back of their head.

Night Heron

I will leave you with a few food photos, because what is a RVGoddess blog post without a few food photos? I whipped up a Taiwan food-fest the other night - chicken potstickers, garlic spinach, and Mapo Tofu. Twas delicious.

Lastly, for no good reason at all, I prepared Coronation Chicken. It's just curried chicken salad. Nothing really fancy - poached chicken breasts, mayo/yoghurt, curry powder, mango chutney, golden raisins and sliced almonds - but it was served to Queen Elizabeth on her Coronation Day (before I was even born, if you can believe it), so I made it this week for her son's big day. Chuck did not invite us to his Coronation... which is a good thing as we have big plans for this weekend already.

Coronation Chicken

So check back soon! Until my next update, I remain, your Royal correspondent.

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  1. I do not post often but I just need to tell you I loved this post. The wildlife photos, the flower photos, the food photos and especially the Coronation Chicken salad recipe and notes. This made me giggle. Thank you very much.

  2. My son just posted about the Coronation strawberry and ginger trifle, which he had in a pub in Manchester this past weekend, and he loved it. Recipes on World’s Table in the bbc site. I think I will try making it, as I have most of the ingredients. Fun fact, my mother was in London for the Queens Coronation, and was watching Charles’s coronation on TV, she’s nearly 96.

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