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End Of An Era

La Quinta, California: Dear Reader, it is time for us to downsize. Not our house - we did that in 2020 - but our motorhome. We love love love our beautiful Magna Peregrinus, but it time for these old folks to move into something smaller, more manageable. A Petit Peregrinus? Easier to drive, easier to park, easier to maintain. The MP was fantastic when we used her for long winter stays in Indio, but after dragging it all over the west this summer, we knew we needed to get something smaller to really travel around. Plus, that magnificent motorhome only sleeps two, and we now have two not so little ones to consider. It's time.

Dave and I have been to the storage garage several times over the past few weeks, going through each and every drawer, cabinet, bay, nook and cranny, removing our belongings and packing them up to move into our next recreational vehicle. Our 20-plus-year-old DirecTV account was closed and we sent their (outdated) equipment back. We have arranged for the MP to be sold on consignment, and it was picked-up the other day. The "O" on the back of the motorcoach must be removed/painted-over before being sold, as per our arrangement with the University. Any dings will be repaired, the bus will be detailed, and then offered for sale.

Empty and ready to roll

Two men had flown to Alabama to pick up another bus, then drove together to the Coachella Valley to pick up our bus. Road warriors.

Our new driver!
Goodbye, Sweet Ride

You can see in the above video, the storage facility, Luxtor, is building Phase III. Selling like hotcakes. We are going to keep our storage unit for our next RV. For now, it is holding the boxed-up belongings from the Magna Peregrinus:

World's saddest RV garage
13+ years o'stuff

You can bet most of this stuff is kitchen stuff. We decided to wait until our new RV is here, move in, then take what will not fit to charity? We don't know. No sense worrying about it until there is something to worry about. We will not get our next RV until after September (insert sad face here), so our summer travel plans are going to be via automobile and airplane. We have Leo and Lucile for two weeks in July, and have a huge trip planned in August. Stay tuned!

Until my next update, I remain, your motorhomeless correspondent.

4 thoughts

  1. Tis the season. We sold ours last weekend.
    Did you make sure to check inside the dishwasher? I wish I could say we’re going to get another but my husband has lost some of his mental faculties and so we’ll stay closer to home.
    Happy Hunting for your new wheels 🙂

  2. Jack and I loved walking by your coach!
    I remember when your casita was finished! Such a pretty buildout! Wishing you the best with your new wheels…

  3. Don’t leave us hanging! Where’s the MP being consigned? I can’t imagine anyone more deserving of getting top dollar for a CC Magna than you and DT with all the documented love and care you’ve taken of her! Compared to some of the (very expensive) crap in coaches for sale today, she’s a nat’l treasure!

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