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Young Love

This weekend, while we were busy hammertiming partying, Steve & Mary's son and his fiancé were in town for their engagement photos and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Chris and his posse headed out to a resort in Central Oregon for a weekend of golfing and rafting. I was asked to bake cookies for this party... so I was pretty-much sure it wasn't going to be filmed for a Las Vegas-style bachelor party.


This evening the young lovers were reunited for dinner at Mary & Steve's house for pizza.

Chris & Laura: they had not seen each other for three days

But last week, these two adorable kids were guests at a wedding on the same beach where Lisa, Lenny & Leo were vacationing. One night only together... but since Lisa and Chris were basically raised together... of course, they all met up.

Lenny, Leo, Lisa, Chris & Laura

How much fun is this?

Our families have a long inter-mingled history. Their dads were on the University of Oregon track team together. Their parents have been friends since they were teens. Our kids are forever stuck together.

Steve & Mary's garden

My brother, Rick, gave Mary this redwood (center, circa 1988) as a 6-inch seedling. Next year, Mary is planning to charge her neighbors $10 to drive through the tree.

Another long-time family staple? Round Table Pizza. We had it nearly every Sunday while our kids were little.

Chris & Laura

Until my next update, I remain, your nostalgic correspondent.