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Woody’s Birthday

Indio, California: The weather is just so lovely in Indio this week. (We have nearly thawed from our trip to Dallas.) Temperatures reach the high 70's during the day. When the sun goes down, it gets chilly - which gives us a perfect excuse to put the screens down in our outdoor pavilion and flip a switch to ignite our fireplace. Cozy!

We have been considering adding a sliding glass wall to the northern opening in our pavilion - the direction that looks down the canal - where we get the wind. With new building regulations, glass "walls" are now permissible, as long as they open. Most of the new construction in this resort consists of one solid wall and three walls with glass doors. This completely encloses the "shade structure", so now folks are adding air conditioning units. Dave and I are way behind the times.

This is a photo of a neighbor's 3-panel sliding glass door. We have ordered basically the same thing. There are fancier options, but they are quite expensive. With the way our casita was constructed, this was be the most practical option... and occasionally, we can be practical. Maybe it will keep down about 5% of the dust? Well, probably not, but it will keep us warmer on breezy nights. More windows to wash.

You may notice the pretty sunset we enjoyed this evening on the reflection in the sliding glass door?

Another thing I just love about being in the Coachella Valley - nearly every night we are treated to a gorgeous sunset and I never tire of the pink sky.

Kathy and Woody are also in the desert in their motorhome and today we celebrated Woody's birthday at Third Corner Wine Shop & Bistro in Palm Desert. Third Corner has a very interesting concept. It is a wine shop with a very good selection of wines at great prices. The wine shop meanders through the middle of the restaurant. You can shop just as you would in a regular wine shop, or you can choose a bottle of wine to enjoy with your meal for a $5 corkage fee. Third Corner Wine Shop & Bistro also offer a lively bar with cocktails.

Third Corner Wine & Bistro  |  Chicken Schnitzel
Beef Shortribs with Pappardelle  |  $45 for the Widow

We have a very long tradition with the Family of Friends - when it is your birthday, you choose the restaurant and you pick up the tab. Then no one can complain on your birthday and you have a lovely dinner at a restaurant you love. Perfect!

Which is just how Woody enjoyed his birthday. Happy Birthday, Dear Friend.

Until my next update, I remain, your celebratory correspondent.

RV PARK: The Motorcoach Country Club