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While We Were Away

Dave and I flew home this afternoon. We didn't want to leave Lisa, Lenny and Leo, but everyone had to get back to work - including us. We are so grateful for every moment our family has together and especially happy to spend even one second with that adorable baby boy.

While we were away, our contractor sealed the marble! Yeah! Stinky job finished. The plumber had all the fixtures delivered and was very busy all morning.

We came home to this:

So pretty! The faucet - called a tub filler these days - will be plumbed in a few days... still waiting for one small part. The tub filler will come up from the floor behind the tub. Real fancy-like.

Not only is there now a bath tub, there is one other important bathroom fixture:

The toilet!

The improvised tile backsplash is complete and the marble top is sealed. (The blue paper is to double-triple-check there are no leaks overnight.)

The faucets are substantial, but very plain. Functional, yet still attractive.

Next, John will install mirrors over each sink.

The plumber installed the shower head and faucet - it matches the sink faucet. The green tape is where the soap dish and towel hook will be placed.

Tomorrow the glass shower door will be installed. Things are happening so quickly - it won't be long now.

Until my next update, I remain, your well-plumbed correspondent.