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Sunday with Leo

Los Angeles, California: DT and I were up early this morning as Lisa wanted to visit the local Farmers Market. I was awakened by rain pounding on the hotel room window. What? I could have stayed home for rain - why was Los Angeles so mean to us? I sent a text message to Lisa - assuming she had changed her mind... but I was wrong. Our Girl wanted free-range eggs from chickens that were fed only sprouts... so off we went.

Thank goodness we had that extra hour of sleep overnight due to daylight savings time.

Before heading over to Lisa & Lenny's, DT and I watched the New York Marathon. Our friend, Lauren Fleshman, ran her first marathon today. Lauren is a US Champion 5000m runner, yet still finished 16th in the NY marathon this morning. Lauren ran 26.2 miles in 2 hours, 37 minutes. Lauren - you rock!

Lauren, with her husband, after the NY marathon

Lisa and I went to the farmers market and the boys (including Leo) stayed home to watch the Washington Redskins (Lenny's team) lose again. Lenny baked cinnamon rolls for the guys (excluding Leo) to enjoy during the game.

Later, we all went out to lunch. (Well, Leo was with us, but he slept through the entire meal in his stroller.) Please notice this juicy burger and crispy fries.

Please take a few extra moments to savor this delicious burger. I did. This is the last fattening thing I will be eating for a long while. I start serious training-mode this week.


Just in time for the Thanksgiving Gravy Train too.

My timing sucks.

DT and I flew down to Los Angeles this weekend so we could babysit Leo tonight. A three hour babysitting gig. Flights, three nights in a hotel and a rental car. Something tells me this was not the most fiscally-sound babysitting situation, but, as the advertisement claims: THREE HOURS WITH YOUR GRANDSON? PRICELESS!

Lenn and Lisa went to a dinner party. We watched Leo. Leo's Godmother, Angela, came by to help and Lisa's college friend, Ryan, came by to supervise.

The boy has found his thumb

Four adults watching one three-month-old child.

Ryan and and very serious Leo

While Leo's parents were away, I made a massive lasagna for a dinner party they are having this week and also baked a loaf of Banana Bread. DT handled a few chores around the house and we helped as much as we could so Lisa & Lenny could start their work-week smoothly. Leo was very-well behaved. Lisa left a bottle of mothers milk and the Little Guy drank it all, burped loud & proud, then continued smiling and cooing. Then Leo fell asleep.Leo's parents come home after their fancy party. Our services were no longer required.

But I think we did a good job and may be hired again to supervise the Most Precious Baby in the World.

Until my next update, I remain, your grandmotherly correspondent.