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What I remember

Las Vegas, Nevada: I remember meeting Lisa & Lenny in the hotel coffee shop for breakfast this morning.

PS: Lenny gave me a beautiful photo frame for my birthday, complete with a beautiful photo of hisownself with The Lovely Lisa - taken on the beach in Mexico. Isn't it just adorable?


As usual, the Bellagio Hotel has the atrium completely decorated to celebrate the season. Gigantic glass leaves "falling" from the ceiling. Pumpkins the size of Volkswagens. Huge Venus Flytraps chomping at random tourists.

Bellagio Hotel Atrium decorated for fall

Was Tim Burton in town?

Lenny & Lisa

Lobby of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

After breakfast, we all walked over to the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. Lisa wanted to buy a new wallet. She did.

Then we all had naps. I remember this pretty view from our room this afternoon before we all donned our Parrothead paraphernalia before heading over to the MGM Grand Hotel for the Jimmy Buffett concert.

I remember DT ordering a limo to bring us to the concert. (The taxi line was about one-hour long and he knew I was impatient.)

I remember these truffled potato chips with blue cheese at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant in the MGM Grand Hotel. After this healthy snack, we began the trek into the concert - with 17,000 other Jimmy Buffett fans.

I remember meeting these fun fans.

Unfortunately, I remember meeting this dude.

Lisa is going to require years of therapy after posing with this Parrothead.

Seriously. How could anyone even describe this nipple-flasher to a therapist?

I clearly remember these dudes, but have no clear idea of what their costumes represented or how it figured into a Jimmy Buffett song/scenario.

I remember that I have the Best Daughter Ever. The Lovely Lisa arranged for fabulous concert tickets through her office. (Jimmy was resplendent in Yell-O this evening.) This was the last concert of the year for Jimmy and he went out in style. Just a great show - as usual - from Jimmy. This, I believe is concert #41 for me. Concert #8,459-ish for Jimmy. I cannot recommend his show enough and if you haven't seen him - put it on your bucket list as Mr. Buffett will be 64 in December, and everyone retires at some point.

After the show, I remember running into this fan in the ladies room. Her dog had been to the concert.

No comment.

I remember walking one mile back to the Bellagio Hotel after the concert.

Lisa had a ride.

Until my next update, I remain, your Parrothead correspondent.