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She Went to Vegas

"I must look a mess I must admit, but I have been traveling quite a bit."
                                               - Jimmy Buffett

Las Vegas, Nevada: We woke early, drove our motorhome to Portland, put the RV in storage, went home, exercised, drove to the airport, hopped on a plane and were in Las Vegas in time for my birthday dinner with Lisa & Lenny... even though Air Force One was parked at the Las Vegas airport and there was just a little issue with traffic.

Besides Lisa's pretty face, I had this view to greet me from our rooms in the Bellagio Hotel:

We had dinner at Todd English's Olives in The Bellagio Hotel. Olives is an Italian restaurant (I know you are shocked we would dine at an Italian restaurant) and they serve fabulous "flat bread" (it's pizza!).

White fish.

Duck Confit.

After dinner, Lenny and I played blackjack, Lisa played craps and DT played video poker. Aren't we an exciting bunch? We did not see the President of the United States in the Casino.

You may not be surprised to learn there is another airplane parked at the Las Vegas airport. It belongs to another important, powerful and famous man - Jimmy Buffett. And it may not surprise you that tomorrow night we are going to his concert!

Happy Birthday, me!

Until my next update, I remain, your very happy correspondent.