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What I miss

Often I am asked what I miss when away from home for months at a time. It is a curious question that only RVers (or maybe people with a second home) will understand.

I have been asked if I miss sleeping in my own bed. No. I sleep in my own bed in the motorhome every night. With the same husband. We have all the comforts of home, with only a bit of the responsibility of home.

Still, there are a few things I miss about being away from home.

On this trip I really missed My Mom. Nearly every destination on our Deja Vu All Over Again tour we had visited with My Mom and Dad. A few places (such as Mexico) we had never camped without her. It is a process. Since her death this winter, we all have tried to continue on as she asked, but everyday there is a memory, a reminder - and let's not forget the mirror - so we will never forget her constant loving presence in our lives.

This photo was taken (while we were camped next to my parents) in Borrego Springs, California - on my Mom's 75th birthday.

I miss my local friends/family. But, with facebook, email, Skype, cell phones - and don't forget twitter -  it is easy to have daily contact with people you are used to seeing often. Plus, while on the road we get to spend so much time with out-of-state family and friends - not to mention The Lovely Lisa!

I miss my treadmill. Since we have a treadmill at Taylor Manor, there is no excuse to not exercise due to weather, questionable neighborhoods, hills, etc.

I miss my hot tub. No explanation necessary.

I miss my grocer, but I am a well-known freak-for-food-nut-job.

Ignore the last sentence.

But mostly I don't miss a thing while we are away. I am with My Beloved in a luxury motorcoach with high speed internet.

We have radiant floor heat. 

Why go home?

I have been saving a file-full of recipes to try once we returned home... since I rarely seemed to cook on this trip.

Blame Palm Springs.

Blame Napa

Blame San Francisco.

So, tonight I prepared a strangely wonderful recipe from famed veggie blogger, Heidi Swanson/101 Cookbooks - Pappardelle with Spiced Butter. Though you may require triple by-pass surgery, this noodle dish is certainly interesting.

The recipe calls for shallots sautéed in butter with savory spices such as saffron, ginger, paprika, coriander, cinnamon, cayenne, red chile flakes and turmeric. The spicy butter is tossed over Pappardelle noodles and chopped asparagus, then garnished with minced mint, parsley and toasted pine nuts.

Sounds a bit crazy, right? 

Crazy good.

I followed Heidi's recipe exactly - except she called for asparagus and I used fresh peas because I had fabulous fresh spring peas. I think either veggie would be fine.

I don't know that I will make the dish again, but I did quite enjoy the change. (Not sure I was really excited about the cinnamon.) DT liked the pasta and he is not a turmeric/coriander kinda guy.

In other news, our motorhome has been unloaded.

Our motorhome has been cleaned. Top to bottom.

Tomorrow, we will return her to a cozy enclosed storage bay - where she will rest for nearly two entire weeks - before we head out again.

Until my next update, I remain, your spicy correspondent.