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We are home

3,383 miles, 21 campsites, one foreign country and 85 days later - we have safely returned to Taylor Manor.

Both houses in one photo!

We arrived to a perfectly maintained home, thanks again to our wonderful Manny, Brandon. However, we hadn't asked Brandon to send us our mail for quite a long while, so we were greeted by this (don't worry, he phones when something needs immediate attention):

His magazines, his mail, her magazines, her mail, Camping Journal mail, packages, several graduation announcements and a gift - all neatly organized awaiting the paper shredder letter opener.

Wait. Did she say gift?

I'll get to that later.

Our lilacs have long finished blooming and there is a dead dugfur in the front of the house (visible in RV/house photo above) - but we are not too late for the lavender. It is nearly ready to bloom.

Perfect timing to enjoy the Rhododendrons!

And for a short time of the year, we sometimes accidentally refer to our "field" as our "meadow".

Rightly so!

Wildflowers are blooming everywhere in the field meadow.

Enjoy this photo, because as soon as it stops raining for a day or two, a dude will show up with his tractor to mow this beautiful meadow, instantly reverting it to "field" status.

So, what was I saying up there about a gift?

As you may recall, Mother's Day was a few weeks ago. My girl sent a most wonderful gift and the package was waiting for me today. The Lovely Lisa gave me a Flip Ultra HD Camcorder! A perfect gift for the Blogging Mom!

As small as a cell phone, this video camera holds two hours of HD video and has a very cool flip-out USB arm that slips right into your laptop. The USB also is used to recharge the battery. Video editing software is built-in. The video camera is so intuitively easy to operate, it only comes with a teeny little folder of instructions (I didn't need to read the directions). I am over-the-moon excited about my new little toy and hope to post a few videos every once in a while to keep you all on your toes.

In fact, I am going to premier my first flip video tonight. This is the view out my kitchen window. (No need for popcorn, it is only a 30-second film.) Watch out, Tarantino - I'm coming for you!

Until my next update, I remain, your "there's no place like home - except your motorhome" correspondent.