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Wednesday Report

Little Leo has flown home to Los Angeles with his parents.

Leo, after his bath last evening

He has left me with a nasty cold. Well, maybe I did not catch my cold from Leo, but I am pretending I caught my cold from Leo because if I caught a cold from Leo, I don't care that I have a cold.

This is the way my little brain works.

Because of this sudden development in my respiratory health, I have been spending a lot of time napping. I have not seen the treadmill since Monday. Our contractor has been very busy, however. He is right on task on the bathroom remodel.

The ceilings and walls have been painted - the ceiling an off-white (Divine Whip) and the walls are now a pale blue-grey. The new above-sink wall sconces have been installed. All existing wall hardware has been remounted. (Strange square thing on the right is the intercom - we have a prehistoric intercom system in this old house.)

Updated light fixtures and electric outlets have been installed. Every light has a dimmer. The new outlets can handle even the the most power-sucking blow dryer. The exhaust fan now has a timer.

The black-lined recessed lighting has been replaced with white-lined recessed lighting. Such a simple thing makes a huge difference.

But the biggest news is our contractor has started installing the 12x12 marble tiles in the shower. It is so pretty and such a dramatic change.

Even though I am feeling poorly, we needed to be fed. I caramelized two large sweet onions and placed them on a homemade pizza crust.

Topped with just a teeny sprinkle of pecorino - the dish had all the impact of pizza, without all the gooey fat of pizza.

The only thing I added was a sprinkle of fresh thyme.

Until my next update, I remain, your sneezing correspondent.

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