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Leo & DT

Dave and Lenny went to Eugene yesterday to watch the Ducks beat Arizona State University. The game didn't start until 7:30p and the boys did not return home until the wee-hours. Lisa and I remained at home yesterday with Leo. A night football game in rainy Autzen Stadium is no place for a 12-week old baby. We made a roaring fire, dined on gourmet salads, and watched the Ducks on HDTV with Lisa's dear friend, Jen.

Not getting enough football (and hardly any sleep), Dave and Lenny were up early and down to a sports bar to watch (because we did not get the game on TV at our house) Lenny's favorite team, the Washington Redskins, lose to Philadelphia.

We spent the afternoon with the baby, cooing over everything he does and gasping at every adorable expression. I know I am just a tad bit opinioned about The Little Guy, but he is really a good baby. So happy. Always smiling.

According to his parents, he wakes up crying once or twice overnight and needs to be fed and changed. Dave and I know nothing of this - they were upstairs and we didn't hear a peep. 

Did I mention, Leo is really cute?

Since Dave missed-out on valuable baby-time yesterday, he spent the afternoon "playing" with Leo. "Playing" with a 12-week old consists of making goofy faces, funny noises and talking "baby talk" in order to get the baby to smile - because there is nothing more precious than a baby smiling!

Leo was a smiling machine for his Grandpa this afternoon.

I will be the first to tell you, DT can be a very charming fellow.

My Grandpa thinks I am so cute.

He's right. I am cute.

Cute. It's how I roll.

Suddenly, the visit was over. They packed up all their baby-stuff and flew back to Los Angeles. Rudely, Lisa and Lenny took Leo with them! It was such a great long weekend, a great birthday, a great Duck victory and many wonderful hours with that precious boy in our arms. (Actually, my left arm is a little worn-out.)

Looks like this blog is returning to remodeling and recipes.

Until my next update, I remain, your empty-armed correspondent.