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Indio, California: Quiet day around the trailer park. Maybe everyone had too many margaritas at the mixer last night or maybe it was just too dang hot today to move much? Except for exercising, DT sat all day at the dining table with his fingers permanently attached to his laptop keyboard - except for the times he had his ear attached to his cell phone for conference calls. (Don't tell me - tell HIM. I have given Dave three different headsets. He refuses.)

But DT is so "happy"!

There was big excitement in Track Town USA - Eugene woke to 6 inches of snow on the ground! Happy Spring!

I ran today before the temperature rose above roasting. I ran outside of the resort on sidewalks and trails, and have come to a sure certainty: if you do not pick up your dog's poop you will go to hell.

Why do we even need to tell people to clean up after their pets?

Alright, I am no rabbi or priest or friar or minister or monk, so I can't say for a fact this is true. And though I have read the Torah countless times, I can not recall an actual RULE about dog poop. There is the whole "G-d gave humans domain over animals" thing, so I think that should pretty-much include cleaning up after them? There is simply no excuse for doggie doodoo all over town. If you can't bend over to pick up after your dog, you do not deserve to own a dog. My favorite is to jog by a pile o' poop right under one of those "doggie waste stations". Seriously?

My website. My opinion.

Our mail packet arrived yesterday, so I enjoyed the shady side of the bus and a fascinating article about running with the Pennsylvania Amish community in my new Runner's World magazine. This article was right in line with a story I heard on NPR this morning about Saudi Arabia possibly maybe perhaps allowing a few female athletes on their Olympic team. If you can find/listen to this story, it is very interesting - discussing how Saudi women are forced to exercise in secret.

I'm verging on controversial tonight. Sorry.

My website. My opinion.

We enjoyed another perfect day in the RV park. Other than massive amounts of poop (outside the confines of this pristine and doggie-doo-free resort), my biggest problem was the fact they have not switched the clock at the pool to reflect the time change. I know. Lots of stress.

Thank you for understanding.

I still have a few select pieces of meat from our organic Oregon butcher in the freezer. I marinated a 1.5 pound boneless Oregon lamb leg in a puree of fresh rosemary, mint and parsley (from our little herb garden!) with garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper all day. Since it was too hot to use the RV oven, DT grilled the roast on our portable grill.


The sliced lamb leg roast was served over a bed of arugula and grape tomatoes - drizzled with a little vinaigrette. Great meal. Easy.

Lamb tacos tomorrow?

Until my next update, I remain, your over-exercised correspondent.

SLOGGER REPORT:  I dodged piles of dog poop for six miles. Go, Bubbe, Go!

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