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We Have a Winner!

Los Angeles, California: Thank you and congratulations to the nine poets who sent-in their "Ode to the Commode" masterpieces. It really was a fun contest, and from the notes included in the voting emails, it seems serious thought went into the selection process.

But there can only be one winner and Poem #4, by Joni in Sedona, Arizona, received the most votes - tallied by Price Waterhouse Coopers me. Congratulations, Joni! Unique Distribution will be sending you a gift basket of RV toilet chemicals.

Here is Joni's winning poem:

My RV toilet, bless its heart
Closed its lid right from the start
When I lashed out for all to hear
Because black tank was full of fear
My situation looked so bleak
But surely it is not unique
I clean and flush to no avail
And still my black tank sensors fail
"John," I asked, "What did you do?"
John replied, "Go ask the loo"
Loo said "Argh! Our cover's blown!"
And passed the buck on to the throne
Throne refused to take the load
And gave it back to the commode
But the commode just wouldn't speak
Would only talk if fed Unique
What is this that I must provide
So the can will gain some pride
The pot protecting tank that's black
While owner figures plan of attack
Searching, searching for a cure
How much sludge can tank endure
A blog appears to rescue me
It shows the way to be free
Of sensor woes and toilet blues
I finally found just what to use
RV Digest-It saves the day
The sensors work --- hip hip hooray!

Thank you again for entering, thanks to everyone who voted and a great thanks to Unique Distribution for sponsoring the contest. Don't forget, Unique is offering a special discount to RV Goddess Readers through April 16th. (RV Goddess receives no financial compensation from Unique Distribution.)

Until my next update, I remain, your counted correspondent.